‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Wheatley Continues His Quest for Revenge

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Is Dylan McDermott’s Richard Wheatley working on baiting the ever-passionate Elliott Stabler as the second half of the second season of Law & Order: Organized Crime gets underway?

This Thursday, January 13 fans will be treated to a brand-new episode of the popular Law & Order series. And, it seems, Wheatley is seeking to bring much more trouble into the lives of Chris Meloni’s Elliott Stabler and his family.

According to Matt & Jess TV Commentary, the latest Law & Order: Organized Crime episode will feature a somewhat familiar storyline as Richard Wheatley is at it yet again.

Since the popular Law & Order: Special Victims Unit spinoff premiered last spring, we have watched the ongoing battle between Dylan McDermott’s mob boss character, Richard Wheatley, and the former SVU detective Elliott Stabler.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Keeps Us On Our Toes!

Stabler has been hot on the heels of Wheatly since the beginning of the popular NBC series. First suspecting the criminal of orchestrating the murder of his longtime life, Kathy.

Since then, we have learned that it’s actually Wheatley’s estranged wife, Tamara Taylor’s Angela Wheatley.

He may have narrowly escaped consequences for his crimes during some recent Law & Order: Organized Crime episodes. However, Wheatley has continued his nefarious ways of seeking revenge for Stabler’s focus on taking him down.

Now, the Organized Crime bad-guy is ready to create even more chaos.

This time, taking out his wrath on the very city Stabler dedicates his time to protect, New York City.

Richard Wheatley has been working on a hack that is leading to many New York City systems failing and falling apart.

Tech experts are hard at work to fix things as fast as Wheatley’s hacks are taking things down. Additionally, Wheatley is getting bolder and bolder during each edition of the newest Law & Order series. Showing a disturbing willingness to go after Stabler’s family.

Is Wheatley Egging Stabler On?

This could easily be a long game that Wheatley has long planned out. We know Stabler’s passion for those he loves the most can run extremely deep. And anything that threatens this could lead the passionate officer to some questionable actions to protect his own.

It has already been established that there is a villainous nature to Wheatley. One that has almost established the criminal as Stabler’s arch-nemesis.

He knows how to get under Stabler’s skin. He knows how to push the Law & Order: Organized Crime detective’s buttons just so; pushing him to a point of no return.

Plus, Chris Meloni’s Stabler has yet to learn the entire truth about Wheatley’s ex-wife. If Stabler uncovers these truths soon, he is likely to be on edge just enough. Making the detective susceptible to responding to any move Richard Wheatley may make going forward.