‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Wheatley Knows Revenge Is Best Served With Pizza

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Richard Wheatley, stay away from Stabler’s mother. That’s from all the Law & Order: Organized Crime fans who sucked in their collective breath when the criminal mastermind got too close to Stabler’s mamma.

Now, Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) said he was in Stabler’s neighborhood to grab a slice of pizza. But we know he was stalking. And we know that Stabler openly stalks Wheatley. It’s a continuing Law & Order: Organized Crime theme as these two alpha males butt heads, literally and figuratively, each week.

The Law & Order: Organized Crime social media account had some fun with the scene from Thursday’s episode called As Nottingham Was to Robin Hood. The account shared a snap of McDermott’s Wheatley opening a car door with one gloved hand. He was holding a slice of pizza in the other.

The account captioned the photo: “Sometimes pizza is more important than being on time.”

In Key Law & Order: Organized Crime Pizza Scene, Stabler Said He’d Put a Bullet in Wheatley’s Head

If you caught the episode, you know that Stabler’s mother was relaxing on the patio. She heard someone whistling, possibly Farmer in the Dell. So she called Stabler, who was parking the car. Stabler (Christopher Meloni) focused in on Wheatley. He confronted Wheatley (with the pizza) and told him he’d put a bullet in his head and bury him in the woods if he harmed another member of his family. After all, Wheatley was behind the death of Stabler’s wife and probably set up his son to take the fall for murder. Now, he’s coming after his mamma? You have to draw the line, right?

The Law & Order: Organized Crime fans loved the Instagram photo. Or maybe, they loved Dylan McDermott. Or his black leather overcoat.

“Let’s skip the pizza & talk about that leather coat,” one fan wrote. Another replied: “And w/gloves on no less; true NYC pizza.”

Thursday’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode still leaned heavily on the McClane storyline. McClane is the escaped prison inmate who also is a celebrated super hacker with a possible business relationship with Wheatley. The two met on a prison transport bus and Wheatley helped break him out of jail.

McClane’s hacker fans are breaking into computer systems across NYC in his honor. That’s why you saw chaos during Thursday’s episode, with ATMs spewing cash and traffic lights quickly blinking from green to red. The hackers even got NY Gov Teddy Garcia. And guess what, Wheatley has slithered into Garcia’s good graces under the guise of helping crack the McClane case. Trust us, Stabler is onto to Wheatley.

Next Thursday’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode is As Iago Is to Othello. Stabler asks Bell to have his back. And from an NBC promo, we see that Stabler is wooing Angela, Wheatley’s ex wife.

Then Stabler and Wheatley get into a fight. In an elevator. It will be glorious.