‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: When Can We Expect the Show to Return From Hiatus?

by Joe Rutland

With NBC stopping programs for the Winter Olympics, shows like Law & Order: Organized Crime will be on hiatus. When will it return?

Well, we have an idea when the show starring Chris Meloni and Dylan McDermott will do so. Let’s get some info on this matter with a little help from Matt & Jess.

Let us break some bad news for you fans. After tonight (1/20), the show will not air a new episode until Thursday, Feb. 24. It will return as well as Law & Order: SVU. It, too, will be on break but hey, both will return as well as the OG itself, Law & Order. 

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Will Become Part Of Another Franchise Night on NBC

Call it another franchise night for creator Dick Wolf because Law & Order night will now follow One Chicago night. Bing, bang, boom. What a lineup for NBC.

All this could really line up some potential powerhouse crossovers. Yet we are now left with a question for Law & Order: Organized Crime. Are crossovers a necessity for each show and for each week? No. Each show has the ability to stand on its own legs.

Now, we do want to kind of see the storyline involving Richard Wheatley, played by McDermott, getting all jammed up. Don’t think for one mine that the twists and turns in this show are all over with him. Oh no, there’s got to be more on the table, right?

Wheatley Storyline Might Take Yet Additional Spin After His Return

In general, we know there are a lot of stories still coming on Organized Crime, but you may be waiting for a little while in order to get some other details.

Just wait until NBC begins unveiling what is going to happen on the show and others in the first or second week of February. We might get a little more business coming up after the return of Wheatley. Details about it are up in the air so we are going to have wait and see.

Speaking of Wheatley, there are some Law & Order: Organized Crime fans that really wish he would just go away.

Over on Reddit, we find a commenter not happy at all.

“I was so excited for Elliot to be back,” the Redditor writes. “The first season was fine enough. But this second season, ugh, I can’t. The premise is good enough, but when the heck does Wheatley or however you spell it go away?! It seems absurd to me that Elliot is the only one questioning his motives and loyalty. And no one is watching his family, after everything? Dumb. I can’t get on board with this. Anyone with me?”

“They screwed themselves by having someone like McDermott play Wheatley,” another Redditor writes.