‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Will Congressman Kilbride Take on a Larger Role in New Storyline?

by Suzanne Halliburton

There was a key conversation towards the end of Law & Order: Organized Crime. It had nothing to do with the Albanian mob. Rather, it concerned covert info about a Congressman.

Nova, who was working undercover investigating the Marcy Killers, told Bell that Congressman Kilbride was involved with the gang. And, Nova added, he let it be known that a certain cop owed him favors. What’s that about? We’re hoping it means more of Law & Order: Organized Crime screen time for Ron Cephas Jones, the two-time Emmy winner from This is Us.

Danielle Moné Truitt portrays Bell. And after Law & Order: Organized Crime wrapped up its first story arc of season two, Nov. 11, she discussed her character with TV Insider. So what did Bell think of Nova’s intel and specifically, Jones’ Congressman Kilbride?

“From the jump, she was leery about him,” Truitt said. “So number one, it’s good for her to have her suspicions confirmed. But number two, she feels like she’s in a dangerous situation because he did her a couple of favors — got her into that party, and then also worked it out for (her wife) Denise’s nephew to get way more money than was originally offered to him. So she knows he’s going to be looking for her to reciprocate in some kind of way.

“And how is she going to reciprocate without breaking the law? She’s going to have to figure that out, but Bell is smart, so I’m sure she will. But I think she kind of feels a little — I wouldn’t say blindsided because she always gave him a side-eye — worried about how she’s going to be perceived or how much she’s played into it already, not even knowing that she is.”

In Key Law & Order: Organized Crime Episode, Kilbride Took Bell to Swanky Party Connected to Albanian Mob

Let’s throw it back to an October episode, when Kilbride was Bell’s escort into a swanky party thrown by a billionaire. Bell and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) figured out that Flutura Briscu was using the party to traffic young Albanian women. Because of a favor from Kilbride, Bell was a guest inside, while Stabler worked security as his undercover alias, Eddie Wagner. Bell figured out that men were securing women by bidding on the bracelets they wore during a silent auction. Thanks to Kilbride, Bell had access, as the case against the Kosta Organization widened in scope.

We’re hoping Kilbride is included in more scenes in Law & Order: Organized Crime. Jones has played roles on three different Law & Order shows. He was on the original in 1996 and 97, portraying two different characters. Then he was on Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2006. But this year is his first as a recurring character on another spinoff.

TV fans likely recognize Jones as William, Randall’s birth father, on This Is Us. He earned Emmys for Outstanding Guest Star in 2018 and 2020.

The next new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime is Dec. 9. It’ll kick off the story arc featuring Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). It’s unclear whether the Marcy Killers and Kilbride will be part of the second story arc or the third one, which will end season two. Stick with Outsider for more details.