‘Law & Order’ Revival Is One Month Away and Fans Absolutely Can’t Wait

by Chris Haney

On Monday morning, Law & Order‘s official Twitter account shared that we’re only one month away from the series return of the hit NBC drama.

Law & Order fans have been thrilled ever since the network announced the revival of the long-running show. Now, after a dozen years off-air, Season 21 will hit television screens again soon. And the closer we get to the newest season of the show, the more excited fans seem to be. They’re marking their calendars for the revival’s premiere on Feb. 24.

Much about the new yet old series will stay the same, like the inclusion of fan favorite District Attorney Jack McCoy. Actor Sam Waterson is returning to the role for the first time since the show’s abrupt cancellation in 2010. Plus the format and content of the Law & Order revival will stay the same. “The police who investigate crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders” will still be the focus. The first half of each show will highlight police solving a crime, and the second half will feature the prosecution of the criminals on trial, per usual.

“In ONE MONTH, some familiar faces and some new join your Thursday night plans. #LawAndOrder Season 21 premieres February 24 on @NBC,” the NBC drama’s Twitter account wrote.

Fans flocked to the tweet as they shared their excitement for the upcoming season. Law & Order fans all agreed, they “can’t wait” for the return of the show, and they can’t believe NBC ever canceled it in the first place.

“Can’t wait! #LawAndOrderThursdays will be even better!” one fan tweeted. “I’m so excited! I’ve missed those guys,” another commented on the post.

“I can’t wait! I’ve watched every episode of every franchise,” a Law & Order superfan shared. “I can not wait. Love love love the show. Thank you NBC for bringing it back,” an appreciative fan wrote.

“Should have never been cancelled love the OG Law&Order,” someone added to the tweet.

‘Law & Order’ Star Opens Up About ‘Storytelling’ in the Revival Series

The excitement over the Law & Order revival continues to ramp up, and for good reason. Recently, showrunner Rick Eid shared that fans can expect more of the same great storytelling that fans adored from the original series. Yet he also revealed a slight difference to the revival as well.

“It’s essentially the same show in a slightly different world, exploring modern issues and topics. The way people police, the way prosecutors try cases, has changed,” Eid explained.

Two weeks ago, actor Sam Waterson shared similar comments when speaking about Law & Order‘s return. He shared that the storytelling is still as “rock-solid” as it ever was.

“It couldn’t be more timely, and its storytelling is rock-solid as ever,” Waterston told TV Insider. “Voices you can trust to tell all sides are always scarce. If we get it right, people will be back throwing their shoes at their TVs and loving it!”