‘Law & Order’ Revival Series Star Camryn Manheim Counts ‘Blessings’ in Sweet Family Pic

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order is coming back, Outsiders. The revival will be here before you know it with Anthony Anderson cast in the starring role. However, he is not alone, as Camryn Manheim will also be a part of the show in a starring role. It is an exciting time for NBC and the Law & Order universe. However, it is also still the holiday season. With that, comes a time of reflection. This is a time for thinking about all the blessings in one’s life. Law & Order revival series star Camry Manheim counted some of those blessings in a sweet family pic on her personal Instagram this week.

In the Instagram post, Camryn Manheim wrote, “I’m counting my blessings this holiday season for my beautiful family and friends. My plan is to stay productive and positive and most importantly, grateful for the simple things that bring me joy. May you all stay safe and healthy in the new year.”

It was a beautiful shot of Manheim along with the rest of her family. Fans loved the post with one fan writing in the comments, “Such a beautiful family. Happy new year!”

Another fan wrote, “Happy Healthy 2022 to you Camryn!”

Dick Wolf on The Return of ‘Law Order’

Law & Order is coming back, folks. The show will return on NBC in 2022 with Anthony Anderson and company at the helm of the original franchise that started it all. However, it is rather interesting that the show is returning after so many years away with so many spin-offs also on the network. Still, the show is working.

Dick Wolf said, “I never give up on things I believe in.” This original program was a show that Wolf clearly believed in and wanted to see return. He continued, “It took a long time, but the journey was worth it.” Clearly, Wolf is pleased to have the show that started it all return.

Wolf added, “What stands out is the predictable nature of getting viewers what they want.” This is how the Dick Wolf universe works for so long on NBC. Wolf understands his audience and understands what they want. There is a formula, but with ratings remaining steady for over two decades, if it’s not broke why try and fix it as the old say goes?

The legendary Dick Wolf concluded, “The last three seasons of the Wednesday ‘Chicago’ stack and now the Tuesday ‘FBIs’ and Thursday ‘Law & Orders’ prove that traditional television viewers will binge on the comfort food of our brands. The only number that matters now is total audience, and with L+3 and L+7 metrics, our shows pulled in over 74 million viewers last week.”

You can watch Law & Order on NBC.