‘Law & Order’ Revival: Will the Show Pick Up Where It Left Off?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

There has been a lot of talk about the Law & Order revival. However, is it going to start where things left off, and what about returning characters?

When it comes to the revival of the Dick Wolf classic, things aren’t so clear at the moment. There are a couple of stars returning, the show should largely be the same as it was before, but there are other questions that need answers.

Thankfully, Matt Roush of TV Insider recently had a Q&A where he gave some insight into the reboot of the series. He received a question about the series returning original characters that were on the show when it ended in season 20.

“Given that half of the 20th season cast are working on other Dick Wolf shows, do you think there is any chance we will see cameos from them on the new [Law & Order], if only to bring their characters’ stories up to date, or will that be too confusing with their current characters in the Wolfe-verse? Also, if you know, will the show pick up where it left off, or will 10 years have passed in the show’s timeline?”

Thankfully for all of our Law & Order related issues, we have Roush ready to answer.

“I’ve seen nothing to indicate that anyone beyond Anthony Anderson and Sam Waterson will be reprising their roles at this point. Especially for those who in the interim have established themselves as different characters on other shows, bringing them back might be more confusing than satisfying – although given Wolf’s passion for crossovers, it might be interesting if the Law & Order and FBI crews eventually cross paths.”

To conclude, when the series comes back, time will have moved on. It will be set in the present on Law & Order universe.

New ‘Law & Order’ Cast Member Odelya Halevi

When Anderson and Waterston make their returns to Law & Order they will be joined by many new faces. One of the new faces is Odelya Halevi. The actress joins Jeffrey Donovan, Hugh Dancy, and Camryn Manheim as new faces on the show. Halevi will be the Assistant District Attorney.

When it comes to Law & Order, ADA is important. As Samantha Maroun, she will play an important role in the show. Her last big gig was as Angelica on Good Trouble. She has also been featured in the past on NCIS. Meanwhile, on the big screen, she joins The Rock for the upcoming Black Adam film.

So, new faces and new roles. The timeline has moved forward. And, Law & Order is going to be gearing up to return. Fans are going to be excitedly awaiting the season premiere announcement. Whenever that comes out, check back with Outsider for all of the news.