‘Law & Order’ Shows ‘SVU’ and ‘OC’ Return Next Week, Fans Are Pumped

by Suzanne Halliburton

Glory be to the gods of TV. Our favorite Law & Order shows, SVU and sister series Organized Crime return in a week.

So that long holiday wait is coming to an end, although Law & Order fans still have those dreaded seven days with nothing to watch but past episodes.

The Law & Order social media account teased its fans Thursday with a photo of Richard Wheatley kissing his defense attorney, Rafael Barba. (This photo probably made Olivia Benson cringe in our alternate TV world).

“This isn’t a secret,” the tweet said. “We’ve got one week until SVU and Organized Crime are back on your TV.”

Law & Order Fans Immediately Pondered Benson and Stabler Action

Of course, Law & Order fans of both shows were doing some social-media high-fiving over the news. And like any tweet from this account, the replies almost immediately went back to Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson and Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler. It’s always will they or won’t they with these two former partners. Stabler now is a widower after Wheatley killed his wife.

“Really wish it was back today,” one fan wrote. (Yes, we miss the shows, too).

Another Law & Order fan hit reply with a gif of Benson and Stabler. “Can wait to have this two back on my screen.” (We’re assuming the can is a typo for can’t).

Need more replies: “I’m so ready for the dun duns you have no idea.” Or how about “A great way to start 2022 off right.”

And “I need to know if Olivia and Noah will be able to attend Stabler’s Christmas!”

Here’s What Happened Last Time There Were New Episodes

So let’s do a Law & Order circle back to the last new episodes of 2021. Those were back on Dec. 9. On SVU, the jury couldn’t come up with a verdict in regards to whether Wheatley killed Kathy Stabler back on April 1, when Organized Crime premiered. We got to see a very frail Angela take the stand and testify, while the folks in the courtroom learned that Stabler had a thing for her. Benson got mad at Barba, the former SVU prosecutor, for representing Wheatley since she thinks Wheatley tried to kill her, too.

Then our Law & Order night continued with Organized Crime and it’s so-called Christmas episode. Stabler’s son Eli met a young woman and the two went to her place in New Jersey. They shot some tequila and Eli pulled out a couple of prescription pills. He woke up on the couch in his underwear. Then he found his date dead in her bed and dashed away. Eli called his dad, then looked out over the Hudson River as if he’s contemplating jumping in. That’s where a local cop found him.

But no, Eli didn’t kill the woman. Some anonymous person by way of Rikers Island paid a man in bitcoin to kill the woman and make it seem like Eli did it. Stabler put the pieces together. And Wheatley threw his daughter under the bus.

As the episode ended, Stabler was hoping Benson and her son would show up at his family Christmas gathering. Then we saw Angela meeting with her daughter. By the way, Angela is faking her symptoms.

For Law & Order fans, next week can’t get her quickly enough.