‘Law & Order’ Star Dann Florek Made a Dollar Per Week Before Big Break

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

There are plenty of stories about starving artists. Law & Order star Dann Florek remembered days when he’d make a dollar a week.

Florek, who played Donald Cragen in the show’s first three seasons before going over to Law & Order: SVU, talked about this time in his life.

He gave an interview in 1988 to the Chicago Tribune while he was still on L.A. Law as David Meyer.

“There were times when she was working and I was making $1.38 a week,” he said of him and his wife, Karen, who is a painter. “Now we laugh because we might get a $500 check for looping (recording additional dialogue at a later date).

“We`ll go out to a wonderful dinner with it, and we`ll laugh, ‘Looping! Who ever thought of looping!'” Florek said. “There were so many times we not only didn`t know what looping was; we didn`t know what chicken was.”

Florek was on SVU from 1999-2015 as Cragen. But he left and made a cameo appearance in the series’ 500th episode this season.

Law & Order will be coming back next season with Sam Waterston set to play Jack McCoy yet again.

‘Law & Order’ Star Recalled Favorite Hunting Moment With Former Co-Star Chris Noth

Imagine two stars of a popular TV drama in Law & Order spending time going out hunting.

Well, it happened to Florek and his former co-star, Chris Noth.

Who knows? Maybe it is the actor’s version of Street Justice” while filming the hit series Law and OrderOr, maybe it was just an incredibly odd way to pass the time. Either way, few vermin were safe when Florek and Noth were on the case.

In a 2015 People Magazine celebration of 25 years of Law and Order, many of the show’s original stars recalled the early days of the series.

The cast members of the show Law and Order remembered it all.

I remember starting on the show years ago we were at Chelsea Piers and nobody was down there then,” Florek said. “My buddy Chris Noth and I used to take the golf carts and go drive all the way around there—and discover all kinds of interesting crimes,” he said.

While Florek didn’t go into further detail about the crimes he and Noth uncovered, he did recall a past time he and Noth ended up enjoying between takes.

“We actually would go hunting for vermin,” Florek said. “We found, and we conquered.”

Noth went on to play Mr. Big on Sex and the City opposite lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker. As this story is being written, Noth is facing sexual harassment claims by two actresses.

Law & Order reruns can be seen on numerous TV networks.