‘Law & Order’ Star Going on Social Media Hiatus, Fans Offer Support

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Though actors often garner a lot of support from their fans, the opposite can sometimes sadly be true too. After a Law & Order: Organized Crime star announced she was going on a social media hiatus for the latter reason, her fans are offering her their support.

Ainsley Seiger plays Jet Slootmaekers on Organized Crime and is known for posting memes and jokes on her social media accounts. However, on December 6, she tweeted that in all seriousness, she was taking a social media hiatus. Citing being sad and “honestly scared” as the reason, her fans are understandably concerned.

“anyway haha funny meme aside I’m logging off for my mental health this app is making me really sad & honestly scared so bye for a bit mwah mwah,” the actress tweeted.

Fan support has rolled in ever since, with people worried about her physical and mental well-being. “I thought the meme was in regard to this weeks ep and what happened previous.. if this is something else like what happened last night I am so sorry! This fandom can be beautiful but also dark and cold as help. Take care of u! We love u,” someone replied to her.

“Aw, I hope you feel better. No one has the right to make you feel sad, or scared. I love watching you on L&O Jet is amazing and you are phenomenal. Beautiful, smart, and kind. I hope you find peace,” a user who goes by “JetSloot Stole my heart” also said.

The rest of the replies are more or less the same, with many of them asking her to take care of herself and being filled with heart emojis.

Mental health issues are no joke, so here’s hoping she finds peace and happiness soon.

Ainsley Seiger Explained Why a Certain ‘Organized Crime’ Episode ‘Means a Lot’ to Her

Ainsley Seiger’s mental woes could be a number of things, but a tweet she made last month may also have something to do with it. In it, she explained a certain Organized Crime episode “means a lot” to her.

As previously stated, Seiger’s social media profiles are typically brimming with memes. However, on November 11, she revealed she actually recently endured quite a bit of heartache. Stating the episode that debuted that night was important to her, she said she was constantly thinking of two people she lost and wished she could speak to them again.

“tonight’s episode weirdly means a lot to me,” Seiger tweeted. “i lost two very important people in my life within the span of a month while filming it & wish i could call them one more time just to say hi. not being able to say goodbye is f–king hard. call someone you love tonight and tell them.”

Losing someone close to you is hard enough, but two within a month has to be difficult.