‘Law & Order: SVU’ Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Trick Used To Create Hot Tub Scene

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight is Thursday night and that means a new Law & Order: SVU, more Olivia Benson, and a lot of drama. Early in the episode, there was a hot tub scene and the folks at Wolf Entertainment were kind enough to offer a behind-the-scenes look.

They let everyone know how they made the magic happen on camera. While the set weight restrictions didn’t allow for a hot tub full of water, the crew made it work. They used a variety of tricks and angles in order to make it look like they had a full tub.

“Due to location weight restrictions, we couldn’t fill the hot tub with water, so smoke machines were placed inside it to give off the steamy water vibe, lights were used to create reflections, and the poor actors were hosed down to make them look wet! TV magic,” the post read.

These episodes are so well directed. With the subtle effects, there is no telling that the hot tub wasn’t filled with water. During the episode, we hear someone say, “No cap” among other, more intense moments. A lot of fans picked up on the phrase and commented on it. Even better, we get intense courtroom drama during this episode. It gets testy but so good.

This season of Law & Order: SVU has fans excited. Some of it is because of the episodes of SVU followed by Organized Crime. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler have already crossed paths during the season. It will be interesting to see how many more times the two can manage to run into each other.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is Olivia Benson Headed for Retirement?

One of the questions that are likely to reoccur time and time again this season is whether Olivia Benson will retire. Following her injury, it seems her doctor thinks the Captain should take a look at stepping away from the SVU. While that didn’t seem likely, Benson might just quit if things don’t change.

Chief Tommy McGrath is making things difficult on the Captain. McGrath decided not to bring charges on one rape victim while charging another. It just so happened one was the daughter of a fellow NYPD member. The other, a single mother battling a custody suit. There is only so much that Benson can take. Since taking over, McGrath has not been making things easy. Maybe Benson wishes she had moved to another department like her old partner.

This season is going to test the limits of Olivia Benson. Law & Order: SVU is going to bring the drama all fall. There will be tons of cases and tense moments. Benson is going to have to decide if she really wants to keep working in the department. Stay tuned.