‘Law & Order: SVU’: Carisi Will Channel ‘Old-School’ Detective Ways in Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Outsiders, we are almost through with the hiatus for this season of Law & Order: SVU. When the show returns we will see Carisi break out the old cop moves once more.

Since Sonny Carisi became an attorney and ADA after being a detective, things haven’t been the same. However, it seems that the Peter Scanavino character is going to get back to his old ways in the new episode. January 6 is the big day, and it is going to be full of action and excitement.

The actor talked about the upcoming second half of the season with TV Insider. “We’ve got a great case where there’s a child abduction and Carisi kind of gets involved more in a kind of old-school sense.” Maybe we get to see the ADA play some good cop/bad cop.

“He’s involved in a lot of the pretrial interrogations so he kind of gets to flex his cop muscles a little bit in that one.”

Law & Order: SVU star Scanavino must be excited about that. Instead of being the boring barrister, he gets to take things back a bit. Interrogations are one of the best parts of SVU. So, Carisi is going to go “old-school.” Whatever that means, I’m excited about it! Heck, I’m just excited to see the show return from break.

Fans have some theories about Carisi. And, this new revelation might support those theories.

Is Rollins or Carisi Going to Be Killed Off?

Before we go into this next topic, let’s just say that Law & Order: SVU almost never kills characters off. They either go on an undercover assignment or take a job elsewhere. That way, there is always a possibility of a return in the future. However, some fans think that Carisi and his lover Amanda Rollins could be in trouble.

Basically, the two have never gotten together. Now that they are together, that is throwing big red flags to some viewers. Is it possible one of them dies? Yes. However, I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. I would believe that there could be a serious moment that forces Rollins undercover. Let’s just say, fans don’t have much hope for the SVU power couple lasting very long.

Sometimes though, these winter breaks in the season can make fans think a bit irrationally. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Carisi Has a ‘Soft Spot’

One of the big reasons Carisi is going to get involved in that child abduction case is because of his personality. When talking to TV Insider, Scanavino had some words about his character’s feelings towards children.

“He always had a soft spot for children. He’s had nieces and he’s been close to them. And I just think that is a very sensitive area for Carisi, an abuser taking advantage of a child. I think that’s something that he can’t stomach at all.”

So, should we expect Carisi to lose his cool when he goes “old-school” in interrogation? Law & Order: SVU fans will have to be patient and just wait a little bit longer to find out.