‘Law & Order: SVU’: Chris Meloni Offers Hilarious Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay on Episode 500

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s not a Law & Order: SVU party unless Christopher Meloni chimes in.

And on Thursday, Meloni, aka Elliot Stabler, provided a touch of comedy to the celebration. He did so on Instagram, using his nickname for Mariska Hargitay.

He posted a short video clip on Instagram and captioned it “Happy 500 Marsha! You never looked better.” And he tagged Hargitay to make sure she saw it. Cause Olivia Benson always needs to know what Stabler is doing, especially when he’s undercover. Those are the rules.

Meloni posted a video selfie of just his eyes. He says, in almost a whisper: “Marsha, hey, I heard you’re turning 500 today or something.

“Wow, that’s a lot of candles, happy biiiiiiirthday and anniversary, whatever it is, Congrats.”

Will Meloni Show Up In Tonight’s Law & Order: SVU Episode?

Law & Order: SVU did celebrate No. 500 with a fancy, multi-layered cake and lots of cupcakes. But there wasn’t a candle in sight.

Although the ongoing romantic tension between Benson and Stabler is getting oh-so-hot, we don’t think Benson’s former partner will show up in an official way tonight on Law & Order: SVU. He’s got his own female mob fires to put out on Law & Order: Organized Crime. And since Stabler is wooing Flutura Briscu as part of his undercover assignment, he probably doesn’t have a time to leave Olivia an I-love-you-voice mail, then delete it.

Meloni isn’t listed in the credits for tonight’s Law & Order: SVU episode. But surely, fans will see him in some sort of way.

But it could get awkward for Meloni if we does. (We kid). The 500th episode brings back a character from Benson’s past. He’s Burton Lowe, played by Aidan Quinn. And from the previews, we know he’s a crime writer who is involved with a cold case that Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) brings to Benson.

When Lowe walks into her office, Benson takes off her glasses and gives him that flirty smile. They compliment each other on how they haven’t changed at all. Hargitay said she loved working with Quinn, who also appeared on SVU 14 years ago as another character.

“Aidan Quinn, I can not say enough about what an incredible experience it was,” Hargitay said while on Live with Kelly & Ryan. “And how safe we both felt with each other.”

Episode Will Be Full of Former SVU Characters

And, Trevor Langan returns for the 500th episode. He’s played by Peter Hermann, Hargitay’s husband. The two met on set when SVU first was gaining steam. They married in 2004. Langan, a defense attorney, was a returning character. He even represented Olivia’s son, Noah, in an adoption hearing.

That’s not all of the former characters who are making a return for the Law & Order: SVU episode. Dann Florek comes back as Captain Cragen. And medical examiner Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie) also stops by. Tunie used to be a regular, but now she’s listed as recurring.