‘Law & Order: SVU’: Demore Barnes Explains Why Being a ‘Natural Born Leader’ Helped Him on Show

by Anna Dunn

Former Law & Order: SVU actor Demore Barnes explained how being a natural leader really helped him out with his character on the show. Barnes played Deputy Chief Christian Garland. The show continued without Barnes and his co-star, Jamie Grey Hyder for season 23.

Fans really liked his portrayal of Garland. And Barnes explained to Starry Mag in January just how much his own personality helped him prepare to play the boss. In the interview, Barnes was asked if he considers himself a leader like Garland was.

“Yeah, I mean, to be quite honest I would say that I am! I mean, the role of Demore and Chief Garland, they’re not the same role but in many ways they run in parallel. There are many different sorts of nuances and attributes that I share with the Chief and then some not so much. So, yeah, I would say I am a natural born leader and obviously Christian is as well. But, yeah, no. That’s a great question,” he said.

Barnes’s chief Garland was in hot water with the rest of the NYPD by the time he departed the show. In the season finale that took place earlier this year, Garland also displayed some health issues. Still, fans felt absolutely shocked when news broke that Demore Barnes and Jamie Grey Hyder would be leaving the series.

Demore Barnes Implied His Exit from ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Wasn’t His Choice

Shortly before Law & Order: SVU season 23 was set to air, news broke that Demore Barnes and Jamie Grey Hyder would be leaving the series. They departed after the two-part season premiere. This shocked fans, who were pretty sure they’d see both of the characters next season.

Both Barnes and Hyder eventually discussed their exits on Instagram.

“While I know you were happy that I was here, and that I’m happy that I was here, I also know you’re sad and surprised and I am too,” Barnes told his fans in an instagram post. “I don’t totally know why this happened. I hope that Wolf Entertainment’s leadership, in giving me opportunity amplify vital voice and story, will result in many studios continuing to open doors of opportunities for others to do the same.”

Barnes also posted an emotional video after his character officially left the show. He thanked the cast and crew for their work. He also talked about how grateful he is for the opportunity to have even been on Law & Order: SVU in the first place. Still, however, Law & Order: SVU fans definitely still miss him.

Now, new replacements are joining the show. The series is marching on without the two actors. If you want to see what’s new with Law & Order: SVU you can tune in to NBC on Thursdays at 9/8 Central.