‘Law & Order: SVU’ Facing Extended Hiatus Starting This Week

by Jacklyn Krol

Law & Order: SVU won’t be back for quite some time.

The hit NBC crime procedural will be taking a mid-season hiatus due to other network responsibilities. There will not be a new episode this Thursday nor the next week in honor of Thanksgiving. Additionally, there will not be a new episode on December 2nd due to the Annie Live! musical special that will be airing during that time slot.

So when can fans expect some new Law & Order: SVU action? Thursday, December 9th it will return. The upcoming episode is sure to shake things up with a crossover with Organized Crime. This will also mark the return of Barba, played by Raul Esparza. Believe it or not, Barba is considering representing Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) in court. We’re cringing too.

The craziest part? This means that Barba will be facing off against his mentee Carisi.

McDermott is returning to Organized Crime for the second eight-episode story arch of its second season. This leads us to our next question, will Benson and Stabler grow closer?

“Like with any trial, the defense and the prosecution are definitely gonna play a certain narrative, and it’s whatever narrative sticks with the jury best,” Danielle Moné Truitt told TV Insider. “Carisi is a great lawyer, and so is Barba. And they both are really good at giving a certain perspective to the audience. So we’ll see which one works.”

So where did Barba go? He left the show after he quit his job at the District Attorney’s office. In real life, he left the show in 2018 after six seasons. He was the one to choose to be able to have the option to one day return to the show one day.

A Major ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Character’s Return

If you caught the 500th episode of Law & Order: SVU, you’d know that Danny Pino who played Amaro returned to the series. You’ll recall that he suggested that Benson was in an abusive power dynamic with her ex-boyfriend when she was underage, who was also being accused of abuse and rape. They never reconciled with one another but she did leave a voicemail for him. Will there be a resolution?

“I think that there was a coda to the scene that was cut, but it was [cut] in a very smart and a good way, because I think it keeps it keeps the tension hot between Benson and Amaro until she calls him and leaves him that voice message. There was a version of the scene where Amaro apologized again before leaving the room. It was something like, ‘I’m sorry, Liv,’ and then he walked out. But cutting that line creates or keeps that tension intact, in the best of ways,” he told TV Line.