‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Consider Which Characters They Wish Wouldn’t Have Died

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Unexpected deaths on any show are always a shock, but there have been so many on “Law & Order: SVU” that fans made a Reddit thread about them. Recently, fans came together to talk about who they wish had lived on “SVU.” Let me just say, the amount of fan-favorite characters who just up and die is staggering.

First, let’s just list them all: Simon Marsden, Benson’s half-brother; Ben Stone, the ADA; Kathy Stabler, of course; Agent Dodds, who took command of the SVU in season 17; Sonya Paxton, the ADA with the drinking problem; Ryan O’Halloran, the CSU tech; Sister Peg, the nun; and Ed Tucker, IAB who had a thing with Benson.

A lot of fans were devastated at Sister Peg’s death, specifically. She dies when a dead victim’s daughter brings a gun into the station and starts shooting. It’s also Stabler’s last appearance, as he feels he could have done more to stop the shooting and feels guilty. Sister Peg definitely didn’t deserve to die on “Law & Order: SVU.” She could have moved, or decided to stop working with SVU, anything else but death. She was such a wonderful character who met a terrible end.

Other fans were upset about Ryan O’Halloran’s death, the CSU tech who always helped the SVU. He was the “hot lab tech,” and fans were mad because after his untimely death, SVU never spoke about him again. He had a big part in the show and “Law & Order: SVU” did him dirty.

‘Law & Order: SVU’: All the Characters Who Should Not Have Died

As for Kathy Stabler, a lot of fans didn’t agree that she should have been killed. Have her leave Stabler for good, make her tired of the danger of the job, but don’t kill her like that. Her death was just a tool to fuel Stabler’s suffering; he needed to tell a story, and an innocent woman had to be sacrificed in the process. I think I get that without her death, we wouldn’t have the Wheatley storyline on “Organized Crime.” But still.

Additionally, fans can’t get over Mike Dodds’ death either. Dodds took Benson’s position as sergeant when she was promoted, but by the end of the episode, he’s planning to leave SVU for the Terrorism Task Force. Unfortunately for him, he does Benson one last favor in helping the wife of the episode’s serial rapist get out of her house.

The perp shoots Dodds, and he dies of a blood clot in the hospital. This death was a shock for fans because it seemed like he was going to pull through. It seems like they could have just sent him to the task force and been done with it. Instead, “Law & Order: SVU” went with its old standby and traumatized its characters further.