‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate Benson’s Outfits on the Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

We are officially in the midseason lull on network television and Law & Order: SVU fans are debating Olivia Benson’s outfits on the show.

One fan decided that they had seen enough of Benson’s outfits on the show. So, they wanted to ask others if they felt the same. There were some that did, and of course, others that did not. Such is the nature of Reddit and message boards.

Here is what the post said: “I feel like the clothes they put her in do her no favors. I know the show [has] been on [for] years and obviously Mariska [has] aged but she’s still beautiful. I don’t even think she’s heavy, it’s the clothes that aren’t right. They need to put her in flattering clothes. They need to stop with the boxy blazers. Give her cute blouses or get rid of the shoulder pads that make her shoulders look bigger than they are. This isn’t the 80s.”

Immediately there was support for the post. “SVU doesn’t know how to dress her,” a user replied. Then there were multiple replies that said Organized Crime did a better job of switching up her look and wardrobe. However, there were plenty of others that just didn’t understand why an NYPD cop would want to be cute on the job.

Law & Order: SVU is also a very serious show. Perhaps bright colors and frills aren’t the best for her line of work.

‘It’s More Realistic,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Say

The fans that were not on board with the original post let their feelings be known. However, judging by upvotes they were in the minority.

Ladyhappy said, “I mean, she’s a cop. It’s more realistic for a beautiful woman like her to cover up and hide her figure to be taken seriously. I am a woman. Just saying.” And another replied to that saying, “Absolutely this. She’s a cop and an experienced cop. She’s not trying to look hot or fashionable, she’s here to do a job and be taken seriously.”

There were some keen Law & Order: SVU fans that were able to point out why her outfits on Organized Crime are more flattering. Really, it makes sense.

“Her wardrobe on SVU is strictly black, barely any color. …Buuut…Something just occurred to me. Part of the reason for this may be that she dresses [differently] off duty. Especially since on OC, she’s usually not on duty. Like the color and variety are because this is off duty Benson.”

Now, that makes so much sense it can’t be true…just kidding of course. Her dynamic on SVU is much different than on OC and the wardrobe plays a part in making that happen. Law & Order: SVU isn’t a beauty pageant, after all.