‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate Who Wore the Best Beard

by Megan Molseed

When one Law & Order showrunner posed a question to Twitter earlier this week, fans took it incredibly seriously. Even if the answer could get them in a fairly “hairy” situation.

“Who wears it better?” asks Warren Leight in a November 29 Twitter post.

The post includes a photo collage of three of our favorite Law & Order: SVU players, Raúl Esparza who portrays former Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba; Danny Pino who portrayed Nick Amaro in the long-running series; and Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler.

Each of these men has gone the bearded route recently, and fans had a fun time deciding which one looks best with some extra facial hair.

In the thread, a couple of fans point out that it seems Warren Leight left out another contender for the “who wore it best, Law & Order: SVU beard edition.” This contender? Dominick Carisi player, Peter Scanavino.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Remember a Bearded Carisi

One Twitter user first picked their favorites from the options Leight provided.

Then, the Twitter user had to include the forgotten SVU actor who is sometimes bearded along with his costars.

“Raúl *and* Danny,” says Twitter user Letha Ann.

“Also Scanavino,” the tweet adds. “Nobody else.”

Of course, one look at this Twitter user’s handle, @Sonny_Carisi, tells us that anything the Sonny Carisi actor chooses may be just perfect.

This user then adds another photo along with the original tweet. This time showing off a moment when Scanavino was all smiles showing off his beard.

Another Twitter user agreed with @Sonny_Carisi, saying that for them, the contest would be between Danny Pino or Scanavino.

“Giving Pino a run for his money,” says the Twitter poster. “now I vote Carisi then Pino but again all handsome talented men!”

Another Twitter user responds without an answer, but rather with a whole new collage depicting Leight’s original three bearded Law & Order players.

“i made this yesterday,” the Twitter user says.

“and i don’t have the answer yet,” the tweet continues. “they all look fantastic!”

“Danny really outsold here,” another Twitter user says in the thread.

“Sorry to these other v attractive men,” the Tweet continues. “Danny ate them up I fear! And left no crumbs!”

Meloni Is Always a Go-To Fan Favorite

Of course, while all of these bearded men were favorites, the OG Law & Order: SVU player, Chris Meloni received quite a bit of love for the facial styles he’s been sporting on Law & Order: Organized Crime this season.

“His name is #Stabler #ElliottStabler (sic) 007 #vibes,” writes one Twitter user in response to Leight’s question. “@Chris_Meloni#mysterious & #gorgeous can’t really fast for more.”

Another Twitter follower went the simple route, sharing a single photo of their favorite bearded Law & Order member: