‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Discuss Their Favorite Detective Munch Scenes

by Joe Rutland

There is little doubt that Detective John Munch is still loved on Law & Order: SVU. Fans have their favorite scenes with Munch.

Munch is played on the show by actor-comedian Richard Belzer. He’s no longer part of the show’s immediate world but his scenes are memorable.

Let’s see which ones the Law & Order: SVU fans thought were ones that stood out. A thread on Reddit helps us out in this endeavor.

The original poster writes: “There are so many and his sardonic humor is what he’s known for but my favorite Munch scene is in Legacy.” The writer goes on to say that when “[Munch] tells Liv the story about how when he was a teenager, there was a little girl who he’d see every day with bruises and obvious abuse.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Remembers Scene With Munch Showing Tender Side

“How one day she was gone and he found out her mother threw her through a plate glass window and killed her,” the Redditor writes. “At the funeral, the mother said ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m the one who has to replace the window.’ He felt guilty for not protecting her.

“He then goes to read a book to Emily McKenna who’s in a coma,” the poster writes. This person says the scene is “so incredibly touching and showed his vulnerable side which we don’t see too often because he’s got so much armor built up over the years from things he’s seen. This scene never fails to bring tears to my eyes.”

Law & Order: SVU, thanks to scenes like this one involving Munch and Belzer, can definitely get their fans into an emotional state.

Scenes From Season 2 Episode, One With Fin Show Humorous Side of Character

The original poster adds this note: “Forgot to add 02×08 [Season 2, Episode 8] Taken when the guy says to Munch ‘I don’t like what you’re inferring.’ Munch says, ‘You mean Implying. You did infer what he implied. But on the bright side, you did infer correctly.'” 

Obviously, Law & Order: SVU can sneak in some humor at the most interesting times. Belzer, definitely a fine actor, also could hold his own as a stand-up comedian at places like Caroline’s in New York City.

Another fan shares a funny moment between Munch and Fin, played by Ice-T.

The Redditor writes about this scene from the episode Raw. The person says it is “when Munch gets shot in the ass and Fin visits him in the hospital. Fin brings him a milkshake and cuts up – I love it. Finn [says] ‘So where is it that you got shot?’ Munch: ‘That would be in the ass. Do you wanna kiss it and make it better?'”