‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Discuss the Potential of a Benson and Barba Relationship

by Jonathan Howard

One of the storylines that Law & Order: SVU fans love to keep up with has to be Olivia Benson’s love life. So, what are the chances she ends up with Barba?

When Rafael Barba was the ADA and working on Benson’s side of things, the two had chemistry. It was set up as one of Benson’s love interests. However, nothing too serious ever came of it. That seems to be a big recurring theme as well.

Despite the fact that fans are often teased with relationships like this by the show (Elliot Stabler anyone?) they just can’t help but be interested. Ideally, Benson has to slow down eventually, right? What is it going to take to get a consistent relationship for the NYPD Captain?

One fan on Reddit took to the Law & Order: SVU subreddit to ask about the potential of a Benson-Barba connection. “Anyone else thought at the end of the episode when Brooke [Shields] stole Noah that Barba and Liv would start a relationship?” u/Big-Job-8021 asked. “Am I the only one who thinks they would be a perfect couple? Why did the show never get into this?”

Despite there being some moments here and there Benson and Barba have had, it just doesn’t seem like a popular pairing. Of course, Law & Order: SVU fans would love to see a Benson and Stabler relationship. But, Barba? That’s another question.

Fans Give Their Opinions

After the question was asked, there were a decent amount of answers in the replies. Fans love bouncing ideas off of one another. And the subreddit is the best place to do that. One thing is for sure, these fans are not on the same page at all.

“I can genuinely say I have never wanted Barba and Olivia as a couple,” u/Odd-Fox-7134 replied. “When people against Benson and Stabler use the argument of, ‘women and men can just be friends!” I really think this should be applied more to Barba and Olivia because [in my opinion] they really are just a friendship, especially from [Olivia’s] side. And I don’t think they would be a perfect couple at all.”

There were similar sentiments throughout the replies. Some even thought that Barba might not even be interested in women. A couple of replies mentioned they always felt he was gay, but the show never delved into it too much.

Law & Order: SVU writers will just have to keep teasing other relationships for everyone’s favorite Captain, Olivia Benson.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Calls In Task Force

Meanwhile, the season of Law & Order: SVU just returned from hiatus. Things were very intense as the SVU teamed up with a task force that included the return of Donal Logue. Hate crimes around the city are running rampant and it’s up to the new task force to stop them.

Things are only going to heat up from here on out this season. Fans should buckle up because there is no telling what might happen.