‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Discuss Which Assistant DA They Prefer Between These Two Characters

by Joe Rutland

Which assistant district attorney is your favorite from those on Law & Order: SVU? Some of these fans on Reddit do have an opinion.

Don’t they always? Well, it is a very popular place to go and air grievances or thoughts. There is nothing wrong with that and this thread on Reddit talks about this matter. The thread is titled, “Who do you like better? Novak or Cabot?”

Let’s get started with this fan’s original post: “Personally, I prefer Alex Cabot. Edit: my first ever award! Thank you”. This Law & Order: SVU fan says: “Alex x 1000. She was awesome! I never cared much for Casey. She seemed kind whiney and always lost lol”. That got a reply: “She did lose a lot”.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Could Not Make Clear Cut Choice Between Cabot, Novak

But this fan writes: “Novak definitely. Didn’t realize this was such an unpopular opinion lol!” And the original poster replies: “That’s two for Novak so you’re not entirely alone”.

And now we are going back and forth in the debate: “Cabot. I loved her. Wish she’d come back”. Another Law & Order: SVU fan states: “Novak she’s overall my second favorite ada”.

Then, this thread, for us, closes on this note: “Novak for me, mainly because I saw her episode reruns before I did Cabot’s. But also because I felt she had more of an interesting backstory with her schizophrenic boyfriend and her views on mental illness as well as some real badass moments in court.”

Novak refers to Casey Novak, played by Diane Neal. Alexandra “Alex” Cabot was played by Stephanie March. It definitely will draw people’s attention to their favorite assistant district attorney among these characters.

Neal Happened To Share Rather Interesting Photo Recently To Her Fans

Recently, we all happened to get a view (or something like that) of Neal as she shared a snap of herself. Oh, this is not just another snap, though. See, the actress happened to be missing her towel after a shower.

Oh, one of those beauty shots like are on Instagram? Hold your horses there. Neal happened to wrap herself up in a fake fur coat and don her eyeglasses. She made quite a photo with that look. You can check it out right here as matter of fact.

At the end of her post on that photo, Neal was saying that she was living like “some sort of Saturday morning high living baller like (legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath).”

For Neal, who is a fan of the New York Jets football team, to share a reference of Namath isn’t a stretch. Namath, who won the Super Bowl with the Jets, appeared in advertisements and even on “Monday Night Football” wearing a fur coat back.