‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Don’t Care To See This Character Return

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order: SVU fans have a lot of characters that they have fallen in love with over the years. Olivia Benson, Stabler, Finn, etc., the list goes on and on for popular characters fans love spending time with each week on the NBC drama.

However, there is one character fans are more than OK with never returning to the program, Declan Murphy.

In a new thread on Reddit, fans of the program agreed that Declan just didn’t work, and they certainly did not like that he both talked in the third person and was Rollins’ ex with who she had a child with.

Reddit Users on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

The original poster wrote, “The idea of him being Rollin’s baby daddy creeps me out. It was totally random and not in character for him to dip out on fatherhood. They also had zero romantic chemistry and it was never implied they were together until they needed a scapegoat for Jessie. I would’ve rathered them make it Amaro’s and Rollins just never tell him since at least they’ve implied they’ve been together and he was moving to California. Or just not know the father at all. Have him be a one-night stand. Anything would’ve been better than the laziness that was ‘written.'”

From the poster’s perspective, the character did not work for a multitude of reasons. He felt forced to the original post and his rationale for leaving Rollins and the child. Ultimately, he may have had a better chance of being well received by fans had he been written perhaps a little bit better.

Another user wrote, “Yes, Declan was okay. I wasn’t bothered when he left to go back undercover. I really didn’t like it when he was revealed as Jessie’s father. It wasn’t just that it was never really implied there was anything between him and Rollins, but it was also quite creepy considering Rollins’ history with men.”

Rollins on ‘Law Order: SVU’

Rollins, like Benson before her, has always become a longtime fan favorite.

However, her character has certainly gone through it both in the lover department along with the family department. It has never been all that easy for Rollins on Law & Order: SVU.

She said of the role without her sister being involved, “I think it helps. Yeah, I think it helps.”

She continued, “She’s kinda having to put on her big girl panties and just take charge of the situation. There’s no one there to second-guess her or to be in the way, or anybody else to take care of except her dad who’s in an emergency situation. So it kind of clarifies things.”

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