‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Are Fed Up With a Certain Style of Storyline

by Anna Dunn

Some Law & Order: SVU fans are discussing a style of plotline they aren’t loving. In a recent Reddit thread about the series, fans discussed it. Law & Order: SVU has been on the air for over two decades. So there’s bound to be some storylines fans are getting really tired of, and it’s hard for things not to get formulaic after a while.

“Is anyone else sick of the “taking down a giant empire” storylines?” someone wrote in a recent thread. “Obviously organized crime is very real and so is large-scale corruption. I’m not denying the existence, but I’m finally into season 23, and just seems like almost every perp is wealthy, connected, and part of a huge crime syndicate.”

Of course, these people exist. But this fan is missing a type of storyline that doesn’t seem to exist as much anymore.

“I miss more of the “who dunnit?” episodes where it could be multiple people, or when there were twists and not just “how will we take down giant crime networks? This wouldn’t bug me as much on OC because it’s…literally called organized crime (although I haven’t been able to watch it yet…big boo to season 1 not being available anywhere) but on SVU?” the fan wrote.

Especially since Law & Order: Organized Crime exists, this type of storyline can get a bit repetitive.

“They’ve been doing this for a long time, too. They really need to do more episodes where you don’t see the crime happening right away and the perps aren’t only huge crime bosses IMO,” they finished.

Other Fans Have Noticed This ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Problem Too

Other fans also seem to be frustrated with it.

“Yes ive noticed that too. its like more often than not either the victim or perp is famous/well known, an “influencer”, politically connected, etc. no one is a regular person anymore,” the person wrote.

Having big fish to fry often raises the stakes of a story, but when it’s done over and over again, it’s hard for fans to enjoy the show. Many have even said that the writing has gotten lazy.

After 23 years, it’s definitely going to be difficult to please everyone. And in an era where shows like Law & Order: SVU are being challenged for their portrayal of police work, some shows may be navigating that better than others.

But the show still has plenty of die-hard fans. And with Mariska Hargitay remaining at the helm as Olivia Benson, it still has plenty of appeal. Hopefully, the show will shake up its storyline format a bit. Right now, it’s about to go on a break. It’ll air its final episode of the year on Thursday night at 9/8 central. Afterward, Law & Order: SVU will have a crossover episode with Law & Order: Organized Crime that’ll see Stabler and Benson reunite.