‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Felt Some Romantic Chemistry Between Rollins and This Character Recently

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

There is a lot of romance energy lingering around Law & Order: SVU. But this stuff is around Rollins and a particular character. Which one?

A thread on Reddit will enlighten us about this lovey-dovey entanglement. Rollins refers to Detective Amanda Rollins, played by Kelli Giddish. The other character is Detective Joe Valaso, played by Octavio Pisano.

This poster writes: “During the bar scene when they were gonna watch the fight, I got the vibe that the camera work was meant to frame it like they had a spark between them. Tbh I think they’d make a nice couple”. The couple is, obviously, Rollins and Valasco.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Believes Rollins’ Chemistry Works With Short-Term Detectives

Another Redditor writes: “It’s funny, I’ve thought that Rollins has had far better chemistry with short-term detectives and other episode guest stars than she has had with Carisi thus far.” Carisi is former Detective Dominick Carisi Jr., played by Peter Scanavino.

One Law & Order: SVU fan replies: “Agreed. I understand that the show wants us to ship Rollins/Carisi, and I can kiiiiiiiind of see a hint of chemistry there, but Rollins has had much clearer and more effortless chemistry with shorter-term characters (Declan, that FBI guy from a few episodes ago, Velasco).” Another one brings up another reply: “She doesn’t have sexual chemistry with Carisi but they have a strong friendship that could lead to a comfortable rather than passionate long-term relationship”.

Fans Think Pregnancy Might Be Part Of The Advancing Romantic Story with Rollins

That’s being pretty honest about the Rollins-Carisi dance versus her energy around Velasco. What do other fans have to say about this matter?

A Redditor writes: “Baby number 3 en route”. Then this Law & Order: SVU fan replies: “Yes. I have a feeling they are going to use that to push a big Rollisi scene. He gets jealous, she clearly defines their relationship during a heated ‘argument’ and they move forward happily with everyone now knowing they are an item.”

Now, this fan writes: “Rollins & Carisi all the way!!” Then a reply states: “Definitely No. They’re just like usual partners”. We wrap up this journey through the minds of Law & Order: SVU fans with this post: “I thought so too! My partner and I watch together and we’re predicting a possible love triangle. I do love her and Carisi though!”

Probably, a bunch of you were thinking that we were going to be talking about Benson and Stabler. Yes, we know that they are the couple du jour on Law & Order: SVU. When they finally give fans what they want – romance – from both of them, we don’t know. We would suggest the age-old TV cliche of “stay tuned” about that stuff.