‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Have Mixed Feelings About This Character

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to some Law & Order: SVU characters, fans have mixed emotions. This is very much the case for one of them.

Who could it be? Outsiders, we will get their thanks to a thread on Reddit.

It is titled, “opinions on john buchanan is he to tuff on victims or not”. Delaney Williams plays Buchanan on the NBC police drama.

The character is described this way on one fan site: “John Buchanan is a defense attorney who has clashed with the Special Victims Unit multiple times. He is known to have a brash, mean personality who often uses cruel defense tactics towards rape victims.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Viewers Just Have Their Fangs Out For This Character

Sound like a real sweetheart of a character, Outsiders. So, what do the Redditors have to say? Let’s see what this Law & Order: SVU fan offers up.

This person says, “He’s a grade A c–t but I’d be glad to have him on my side.” And we’re off and running with these comments in the land of Outsiders.

Another one writes, “If you f–ked up and need a lawyer he is definitely the one”.

Next! “I think he’s kind of shady,” this Law & Order SVU fan writes. “He is probably a good lawyer to have on your side but there was one episode where he was assigned to represent a doctor who was affiliated with some kind of mafia group, and it seemed pretty clear that he himself was working in the interests of the mafia group rather than focusing on protecting his client’s individual interests.

“I think that’s really questionable behavior for a lawyer since you’re supposed to be loyal to your client even if someone else is technically paying the fee,” the Redditor says. “A lawyer that pretends to work for you but is secretly focused on protecting someone else is not good IMHO.”

When You Have A Viewer Saying He’s ‘Disgusting Human Being,’ He’s Done Something

Now, we also have this additional comment: “He’s a disgusting human being, and I’m waiting on an episode where he is investigated for a sex crime.”

Mercy, these fans are not even staying in the kind-and-compassionate mood from the holiday season.

It’s pretty clear that Buchanan is not a well-liked character. So, Outsiders, we can assume that Delaney Williams is doing his job, right?

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