‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Reveal Their Favorite Moments From Show’s 23 Seasons

by Joe Rutland

When you look at all the 23 seasons of Law & Order: SVU, then there are a lot of moments there. Fans have their own opinions, though.

A thread from Reddit lets them air those thoughts out in the air. It will be interesting to see which moments get their nods as the NBC stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T these days.

One fan gets us started: “Just watched S21E10 for the 1st time. Rollins and Carisi in the elevator… I’m dying with the build-up between these two! What are your other fav SVU moments? Name the season/episode please!”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Just Loves Some Different Moments In The Series

This Redditor comes with a number of moments on the Law & Order: SVU favorites. The fan writes: “Idk how to pick a favorite, but several moments stand out to me as very humorous..s15e18 with the Muslim girl who was raped at the party, where Amaro and Fin are doing buccal swabs on the rapists Amaro is flicking the swab all around the guy’s mouth and he waves his hand away lol.

“Also s13e5 with the baby that goes missing on Halloween, Amaro is trying to tell his mum that he doesn’t want Zara eating too much candy,” the fan writes. “And she’s all like ‘you used to eat so much you threw up’ or something and he rips his vampire teeth out and is like ‘that’s my point, ma!'”

Another Redditor says: “I like in the Season 15 finale when the judge gives Noah to Liv. At the time, I was worried they’d take him away from her, but I decided that they wouldn’t have brought Peter Hermann in for the episode if they weren’t for real about her keeping him. (If you don’t know, he plays Trevor Langon and he’s Mariska’s real-life husband/her kids’ father.)”

Remembering Times That Fin and Munch Had Dialogue Spots on Show

This one just loves some old-school chatting: “My favourite moments are Fin and Munch dialogue no one don’t have that chemistry on the svu”. Another Redditor replies: “I always loved seeing more into these two characters too. Like meeting Fin’s son or when we learn one of Munch’s x wives struggles with mental illness.”

Fin references to Ice-T’s character; Munch was played by actor-comedian Richard Belzer. Well, there are so many moments to choose from in the classic series. Of course, fans are still waiting to see the romance heat up between Benson and Stabler. Yes, we know that Benson is on SVU and Stabler is on Organized Crime these days. Still, there are those things called crossovers, right?

Also, it is worth mentioning that the OG show Law & Order will be returning to NBC after the Winter Olympics break.