‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Theorize Something About Kelli Giddish That Could Affect Rollins in a Major Way

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images)

Law & Order fans know that it’s not always the wisest idea to get too connected to any character. Even if they are characters that have been core to the series for multiple seasons. Now, a small detail that stood out in a recent Law & Order: SVU episode about the actress who plays Amanda Rollins has got some fans talking. Mostly about the character’s future in the series; including how the future of another SVU character will play out along with it.

In a recent Law & Order: SVU Reddit post, some fans point out that Kelli Giddish, the actress who portrays Amanda Rollins in the popular NBC detective series looks like she might be expecting again. This, of course, had fans wondering a variety of things including whether or not the show will include the possible pregnancy in the storyline. And, more importantly, if they do, what will this mean as far as paternity goes?

“Did anyone else notice Kelli Giddish looked pregnant in this weeks episode?” asks one Redditor in a January 15 thread on the popular site.

“I wonder if they’ll write it in, or just cover it up,” the Redditor adds in the original comment.

Of course, the most common response comes down to who the father of Rollins’s potential child would be. Obviously, the consensus is that the child would be Peter Scanavino’s character, Carisi.

“If she is (and) they write it in, the only option for a dad would be Carisi,” one commenter noted in the Reddit post.

“Would be happy for Carisi, though,” the Redditor adds. “He probably wants to have a kid.”

Of course, some other Law & Order: SVU fans say that a Rollins/Carisi baby could very well mean the end of one character’s run on the popular drama series.

“If that’s the case, they’re definitely killing him off,” one Redditor says.

“Wild you say this,” one commenter responds.

“there was a point in this week’s episode where I just feel like (they’re) gonna kill Carisi,” the Redditor adds. “Hope not, but Rollins being preg would def tip the scales.”

While other commenters on the site joked that now is not the time for observations such as this one.

“I didn’t need this anxiety at 2pm on a Saturday man,” joked one commenter on the thread.

Another Reddit user notes that Law & Order: SVU isn’t likely to write a pregnancy into the Rollins/Carisi storyline. This, the commenter notes, largely has to do with Carisi’s strong catholic background.

“Yes!! Thank you!” the Redditor says in the thread.

“I watched the episode this morning and started googling right away,” the commenter notes.

“She does look pregnant again. I don’t think they will write it in this time,” the Redditor adds. “At least I don’t want them (to).”

This commenter goes on to note that they would much rather see Rollins and Carisi take some major steps within the relationship they already have noting they would “much rather see him formally adopt her girls.”

“Just makes more sense to who Sonny is as a character,” the Redditor adds. “He doesn’t seem like the type to impregnate his girlfriend before at least being engaged/married due to his catholic background.”