‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Think the ‘Chemistry is Off’ With Benson and Stabler

by Anna Dunn

Some Law & Order: SVU fans are worried that after all these years, the chemistry between Benson and Stabler seems off. After so many years on the show, some fans are wondering if the writers waited too long to get the two characters together. Lots of fans would disagree with that, but let’s take a look at why:

The fans discussed their chemistry, or lack thereof, in a Reddit Thread

“I know it’s been ten years, a lot has happened, etc. but the majority of the fan base has wanted them together for years… but seeing them onscreen together after all this time, it just feels… weird?” a fan who created the thread wrote. “The chemistry just isn’t there anymore? I think maybe the writers just waited too long to put them together and at this point it would feel awkward and forced for them to be romantic.”

That’s not to say this fan didn’t want to see “Bensler” happen. But right now, they just aren’t feeling it.

“I don’t know. I wanted them together for years but I’m not sure I’m feeling it anymore. Anyone else feel weird about it? I’m not sure if the writers are just fudging it or what the issue is,” the fan finished.

While not everyone agreed, some people said that these concerns made sense. A lot has happened between these two characters. After all, the show aired in 1999. Now, Elliot Stabler isn’t even a part of the SVU. He’s a part of his own show, Law & Order: Organized Crime. While the two shows frequently cross over, things are different now.

Other Fans Argue their Chemistry Should Be Off on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Some Law & Order: SVU fans said that the feeling of their chemistry being off is supposed to be there. After all, the things that have happened between them this year haven’t always been pretty.

“Shouldn’t their chemistry be off? They were so close in the past because Liv trusted him with everything and he felt the same about her. That trust took years to build and we see if develop slowly during 1.0. Then he disappeared without warning and the trust she had in him was shattered,” the fan explained.

“Now he’s back and it’s clear that his feelings for her haven’t changed over the last 10 years and he still trusts her with his life. However, how can she trust him the same?” the fan wrote.

While some fans are wondering if the wait will even be worth it, others are excited to see if anything develops between the two characters. Hopefully, however, they build up some mutual trust before anything happens.

Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime are both currently on a break, but don’t worry too much. The wait won’t last all that long. Both shows return in early 2022.