‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Think These Characters Are the ‘Devil’

by Joe Rutland

There is little doubt that Law & Order: SVU fans have strong opinions. Especially when they point their ire toward these characters.

Who could they be talking about? Let’s turn our attention, Outsiders, to Reddit.

Here is a thread titled, “The District Attorneys in this show are literally the devil lmao”.

So, 281330eight004 gets it started. “They don’t give a s**t about justice or who did it or finding the right person or the constitution or proof of guilt,” the Redditor writes. “They want the person they are prosecuting behind bars lol. That is it. I’ve been binging this show and I can’t even. I guess that’s the most accurate thing about the show.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Redditors Are All Up In Arms About ‘Political Position’

SheketBevakaSTFU says, “Sounds like prosecutors IRL.” CrysisCamaro replies, “Binger and Krauss proved this in real life.”

GoldenState_Thriller writes about this Law & Order: SVU predicament, “It’s a very political position and it shouldn’t be.” BasicLEDGrow adds, “That’s what they get paid to do. They’re not Justices or Finders or Constitutioners… They’re Prosecutors and it’s the detective’s job to make sure the defendant is good for the crime before charges are filed.”

Outsiders, there are other replies but this gives you an idea about how the Redditors are thinking.

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Ice-T Offers Up Some Words Of Wisdom and The Key To Success

When Ice-T speaks, people usually will listen to what he has to say.

Or they will ignore the actor who plays Fin Tutuola on the long-running NBC show.

But he’s been around both the music and acting world for a number of years.

In a recent Instagram post, Ice-T reveals what it takes to succeed in the world today.

The photo features a quote that reads, “If you can’t handle people talking **** about you, you can’t handle success.”

That’s pretty much on point as Ice-T usually does not mess around and mince his words.

His run on SVU is second only to Hargitay, who has been on the show since Day One.

Speaking of Hargitay, she has one famed comedian on her mind as her favorite guest star in the show’s history.

Who is it? None other than comedian Robin Williams. She talked about Williams to TV Insider back in 2018.

Williams played audio engineer Merritt Rook. He impersonates law enforcement and tells people to perform criminal acts. Rook opposes authority due to a past tragic event, and he kidnaps Olivia. That act helps him order Eliot Stabler, played by Chris Meloni, making the man inflict pain or watch him do it to others.