‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Want One DA To Return

by Jonathan Howard

There hasn’t been a lot of fan-favorite District Attorneys in Law & Order: SVU. However, there is one DA that fans would like to see return.

Tonight is the big night when the Dick Wolf series returns alongside Organized Crime. Fans have been waiting patiently and waiting for the second half of the season to get here. While viewers were waiting for the show to return, they took to Reddit to talk about the show.

When fans want to talk with one another and bounce ideas around, they go to Reddit. For u/idontwannabepicked it was the perfect place to talk about their favorite DA. “I forgot how good of a DA Barba was,” the title read.

“Obviously, [Cabot] and [Casey] were the original ones but I feel like there’s been SO many sh–ty ones since. [Stone] was the most boring man in existence and everyone else was extremely unnoteworthy. But I’m rewatching s14 e11 and [Barba’s] just SO SO good in this. The confidence and the dry humor fits in so well and is entertaining. I miss him,” the post says.

Other Law & Order: SVU fans were quick to agree. However, they also gave props where it was due for Carisi. He has been a strong character on the show. The two attorneys faced off in the Richard Wheatley trial. This time, Barba was on the defense side of things.

There were some other folks with their opinions on the best and worst prosecutors to be on the show.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Chime In On Favorite Prosecutors

Throughout the replies, there were a lot of different reasons that folks gave for their favorite characters. It was clear that Barba is one of the best to ever do it. Of course, there were the originals in Cabot and Casey. However, since then there have been some duds.

One fan was talking about how great Barba and Carisi are as ADA. Then, Peter Stone was brought up.

“Also,” u/Hot_Willingness_6512 replied. “Hated having to deal with no nonsense Peter Stone for two seasons. It’s like he had no compassion or wiggle room for the law to be interpreted. And I think that was instilled in him from a young age because of his father. But I thought he was a snooze fest.”

There were others who definitely agreed with the original post. Another fan followed up. “Stone was the worst. He had no personality outside of the hard-ass lawyer thing and the writers acted like shoving his traumas down our throats was a good substitute.” There’s probably a reason he only lasted two seasons on the show.

Law & Order: SVU fans are very particular about their characters. Dynamics on the show shift a lot. However, when it comes to the best of the best and maybe the worst of the worst, they will always remember.