‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Want a Relationship Between These Two Characters

by Anna Dunn

Some Law & Order: SVU fans see sparks between two characters, even though one of them is already in a relationship. In a recent discussion about the series, one fan pointed out that Rollins and Valasco seem to have some chemistry.

The Reddit thread, titled “Anyone else sense some chemistry between Rollins and Valasco in the last episode?” ponders the nature of their relationship and the intention of the writers.

“During the bar scene when they were gonna watch the fight, I got the vibe that the camera work was meant to frame it like they had a spark between them. Tbh I think they’d make a nice couple,” the fan wrote.

Of course, Rollins is in a relationship with Carisi. After a long “will they won’t they,” they finally decided they would, and kissed in the season 22 finale of Law & Order: SVU. While some fans are thrilled about the relationship and love it, others… don’t really see the chemistry.

“It’s funny, I’ve thought that Rollins has had far better chemistry with short term detectives and other episode guest stars than she has had with Carisi thus far,” one fan noted.

Another fan seconded that, and noted that it feels like the whole “Rollisi” thing is kind of a bit forced.

“I understand that the show wants us to ship Rollins/Carisi, and I can kiiiiiiiind of see a hint of chemistry there, but Rollins has had much clearer and more effortless chemistry with shorter-term characters (Declan, that FBI guy from a few episodes ago, Velasco),” the fan wrote.

Other fans Don’t think the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Characters Should Get Together

Other fans disagreed. They like seeing Rollins and Carisi together and don’t want this to become anything more than a friendship. One fan even theorized that the vague chemistry between the two will make Carisi jealous and wind up solidifying their relationship. It may even prompt the two to be open with others about their relationship, which they’ve been keeping under wraps.

This isn’t the only romance Law & Order: SVU is juggling, either. The show is also seeing Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson navigate their relationship. They haven’t started a romance yet, but fans really want them to. And there’ll be plenty of room for them to do so this year if there are more crossover events (it would be shocking if there weren’t).

However you feel about Rollins and Carisi or Rollins and Valasco or Benson and Stabler, there’s plenty of Law & Order: SVU episodes left this year that’ll keep you guessing. The show usually airs every Thursday at 9/8 central on NBC, but it’s currently on a break until February 24th for the Winter Olympic Games.