‘Law & Order: SVU’: Full Recap of Season 23, Episode 11 ‘Burning with Rage Forever’

by Joe Rutland

The world of online gaming plays a role Thursday night for this Law & Order: SVU Season 23, Episode 11 titled Burning with Rage Forever.

Let’s take a closer look at the episode with some help from Celebrity Myxer.

So, Olivia Benson picked up her son Noah and missed some horseplaying at school. One kid made Noah get into a cage and wear a dog collar. Also, he tried to make him eat dog food while filming Noah.

On Law & Order: SVU, Tino, a kid, was playing video games. He chatted with another gamer who wanted to meet him in person. When he left, a man picked him up, claiming he was there on behalf of his son. Well, he got Tino to his place, took a selfie with him, then Tino tried to leave. The man kept him from doing so.

SVU spoke with Tino’s father, Seby, and his uncle, Carlos, who left him home alone. They noticed he took his uncle’s laptop, and police tracked it down. Police found Tino gagged and bound to a radiator. That man ends up being gone.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Focuses On Man Who Gets Attacked for Molesting Boy

Damage gets done, though: Tino was drugged and raped by the man. The apartment gets used to rent out to anyone who needed it. Police found the last renter, went to his house, and entered it. They found blood, and the old man bound to a radiator, stabbed many times.

That man’s name was Theodore “Teddy” Murtov. Carisi and Benson chat. Both suspect Teddy is attacked in retaliation. Tino identified Teddy as his attacker. Police interviews the Guzmán family and they all claim to have an alibi and weren’t involved.

Carlos visited Teddy that night. Police asked Carlos about what he did to Teddy. He explained in detail how Teddy marveled at what he had done, claiming Tino wanted it, and he had video. 

On Law & Order: SVU, the arraignment saw Carlos plead not guilty and the judge allowed him to bond.

Girlfriend of Carlos Tells Police That He Touched Her Son Inappropriately

Surprisingly, Carlos’ girlfriend brought her son to the police station. She was hysterical at what he told her. She confessed to police that Carlos had touched her son Andre inappropriately. They interviewed the boy and confirmed it.

Suddenly, they find out that Carlos is on the roof of a highrise. He is threatening to jump. Benson and Velasco get to the roof. Carlos confesses he touched Andre and knew the boy would never get beyond the trauma.

Carlos tells SVU officers how his teacher molested him in middle school. Benson was empathic about his cycle of abuse.

Olivia would find out that Noah is bisexual in the episode, too.