‘Law & Order: SVU’: Full Recap of Season 23, Episode 10 ‘Silent Night’

by Joe Rutland

With Law & Order: SVU back at it with new episodes, Thursday night’s episode features the return of Declan Murphy to the series.

OK, Outsiders, so Season 23, Episode 11 titled Silent Night definitely had touches of holiday time in the show. Murphy is played by actor Donal Logue. Hasim Khaldun, played by Ari’el Stachel, also pops up. Both are part of the world of Detective Amanda Rollins, played by Kelli Giddish.

Both return to Law & Order: SVU with some pretty bad news going down.

Their task force must investigate some hate crimes across New York City. The SVU is called in to assist. Detective Mia Ruz and Detective Andy Parlato-Goldstein, played by Jason Biggs, also are in the episode and the task force.

These crimes take place on Christmas Eve. Liv, played by Mariska Hargitay, gets the call while she and Noah are headed home from church. Obviously, Chief McGrath wants a quick resolution. The squad brings in a couple of teenagers responsible for vandalism, so McGrath almost says wrap it up.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Pits Task Force Teams In Middle Of Hate Crime Spree

On Law & Order: SVU, Murphy and Benson and their teams see a larger campaign of hatred.

We get a moment where Murphy and Rollins chit-chat about life. He laments that he’s missed all of Jesse’s life. Rollins isn’t angry, though, saying, “I told you I could do the parenting by myself, and I meant it.”

Murphy had been undercover in Serbia and Croatia, working in sex trafficking rings and with refugees. But he got in too deep and had to be pulled out by faking his death.

Rollins points out they were both adults, and she’s good with her decision. And we go on with the work, right?

Murphy Starts Asking Rollins If She’s Dating, But Work Stops Her Answer

But Murphy is not done, Outsiders. “And then for me to leave like that, that was the biggest mistake of my life,” Murphy says. Rollins is staying cool here.

Murphy asks, “Are you with somebody?” Work gets in the way of an answer. Rollins fakes being a white nationalist on Law & Order: SVU in order to gain access to a suspect’s apartment. That’s where she and Fin, played by Ice-T, find pressure-cooker bombs and other weapons.

So, the suspect there leads them to a larger domestic terrorism ring, run by a rather desperate, angry, disturbed person who is simply known as North Star.

What happens? The whole task force crew converges on North Star at a crowded Christmas market at Washington Square Park. He threatens to detonate a bomb in a backpack. Liv might think “Nah, not tonight,” and shoots him in the head.