‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here’s Which Character Elizabeth Banks Played on the Show

by Anna Dunn

Elizabeth Banks is one of the many celebrities who have guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU. It’s seriously becoming a right of passage at this point. So who did the actress play?

In a season 3 episode of Law & Order: SVU called sacrifice, Banks played a killer. Her role as Jaina Jansen was truly chilling. Jensen is a wife and mother who also works in pornography with her husband, Wesley, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The two got into the field to pay their daughter’s medical bills.

The special victims unit gets involved after Wesley is shot and sexually assaulted outside a nightclub but survives the attack. Then, another murder connected to Wesley occurs when Wesley and Jaina’s porn producer also turns up dead.

Initially, Wesley confesses to the crime. Wesley appears to have a motive; their producer often flaunted his interest in Jaina and was very controlling over her. But the unit soon finds out that there’s no way Wesley could have murdered the producer due to his injuries.

That’s when they discover the true killer is Jaina. She killed Omar so he wouldn’t ruin her career in the industry and take all the profit for her. She was even wiling to let Wesley take the fall for it.

Elizabeth Banks is Amongst the Many Great Guest Stars to Be on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Banks certainly had an impressive run on the show, but she’s far from the only one. With 23 seasons and counting, Law & Order: SVU has been able to bring in a ton of celebrity guest stars.

Carol Burnett, Snoop Dog, Jerry Lewis, Alec Baldwin, Angela Lansbery, Robin Williams, Ian McShane, Bradley Cooper, Patricia Arquette and Stacy Keach are amongst a fraction of the impressive guest stars over the years. Ahead of season 23, some of the cast sat down and talked about what it’s like being on the show with these people in a promotional video.

“One of the greatest gifts of this job is the incredible guest stars that I’ve been privileged enough to work with,” Mariska Hargitay, whose been on Law & Order: SVU since it premiered, said.”I sort of can’t believe it. My whole life I’ve dreamed of being able to work with this person or that person. I didn’t have to go to them! They came to me!”

Sometimes, the actors already know the guest stars. For instance, Ice-T had a blast when Snoop Dog game to set because they already knew each other. But the actor also loved working with Ian McShane. Kelli Giddish, meanwhile, said working with Patricia Arquette was mind-blowing. The actress only got to work with her for a couple of scenes, but was very grateful for the experience.

Law & Order: SVU airs on Thursday nights. While it has the occasional flashy guest star, fans are mostly just grateful for how well the main cast carries the show each week.