‘Law & Order: SVU’: Is Joe Velasco Trustworthy?

by Jonathan Howard

Whenever there is a new character introduced on Law & Order: SVU fans can take some time to get used to them. There is no telling if the person is going to be good or bad.

If you want to know what the fan base is thinking, there is no better place to go than Reddit. Over on the SVU subreddit, viewers ask questions and share opinions about the show. One of the newest characters to the NYPD unit is Joe Velasco. Right now, no one knows what to think about the detective.

For one user on the message board, they just had one question, does anyone trust Velasco? The answers were pretty surprising as a lot of fans said that they do not trust the detective.

One of the top replies was, “I haven’t trusted a new character since [Carisi].” Even that left some folks thinking to themselves, “I didn’t even trust him!”

As for other Law & Order: SVU fans, they might not trust the character but want to know the actor a bit better. “I don’t have a grasp on his personality yet but I did slide into the [actor’s] DM’s [because[ he’s cute and he responded hahaha.”

Another fan thinks that there are bigger plans ahead for the detective. U/Bubblystrings said, “He’s one of those characters that I expect to play an integral part in the season finale in the form of his death or some kind of betrayal.” You know, that sounds like a Dick Wolf production.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Olivia Benson’s Son?

Right now, like most shows, Law & Order: SVU is on hiatus. When the show returns there is going to be a lot to get through in the second half of the season. One of the more important storylines when the show returns will revolve around Olivia Benson’s son.

Noah, Benson’s adopted son, is going to be going through some tough times. Here is what the synopsis says: “A boy disappears after meeting up with an online gamer. Benson suspects her son is being bullied.”

Perhaps the case involving the missing boy hits a bit too close to home for Benson. Her attention is going to turn towards her son. Hopefully, she is able to help him as much as he needs. However, we know how these situations usually go. There aren’t many times where these relationships are 100% without conflict.

Noah hasn’t always been a huge point of emphasis on Law & Order: SVU. When he is included, it seems to be during a time when Benson is stretched thin. She has to choose between her career and her family. That is a classic dilemma that Benson and characters like her must face. Shows have been doing it for a long time. How will she figure things out this time?