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‘Law & Order: SVU’: Is Olivia Benson Willing to Cross the Line?

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Olivia Benson has some intel she can exploit on Law & Order: SVU if she needs to protect her crew.

If you’ve watched Law & Order: SVU this season, you know that Mariska Hargitay’s Benson has had issues with new chief Tommy McGrath (Terry Serpico). McGrath always pushes for a quick resolution to a case and is worried too much about what the mayor thinks. The two have butted heads and Benson even offered to turn in her badge earlier this season.

But in Thursday night’s episode called Tommy Baker’s Hardest Fight, McGrath trusted Benson enough to share some family problems involving his daughter.

McGrath told Benson: “My wife and I on Thursday waited up til 2:30 in the morning. You know what we see, the animals out there. I was scared to death. … And then she gets home, and she’s drunk. She’s hammered and she starts mouthing off to me. I mean, if I had spoken to my father like that, I’d have been put in traction.

“Well, it was just screaming and yelling. And then she locked herself in her room, and I shouldered the door open. Now my wife gets pissed off at me. After 32 years of marriage, I guess we’re entitled to a bad night or two, right?”

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Fin Gives Benson More Details in Key Law & Order: SVU Scene

Sounds like an intense situation. But McGrath left out a key detail. Later in the Law & Order: SVU episode, Fin (Ice-T) shares more information with Benson about the incident at McGrath’s home.

“So you’ve heard the rumors going around about McGrath, right?” Fin asks. “A domestic incident in his house in Syosset late Thursday night. Cops were called. He mention that to you? … So he didn’t tell you when the Nassau County cops got there, he told them to report it as unfounded? That’s abuse of the badge, Liv.

“Just maybe mention to him that you’ve heard the rumors. And you got his back. Can’t be bad to have a little leverage on that guy.”

Benson suggested to McGrath that maybe he needs some anger management therapy or some other counseling. But McGrath is afraid that if other cops hear he’s in therapy, they’d take advantage of his perceived weakness.

Maybe if McGrath pushes Benson and her detectives for another quick fix, she can use all this information to her advantage. But it remains to be seen whether she’d throw some elbows at fellow cops to protect her own.

The Law & Order: SVU episode was personal for Amanda Rollins. Tommy Baker, the boxer, was from her hometown in Georgia. But Baker is assaulted by another man just before his big fight. Baker is married to a woman, Chrissy, his best friend. He planned on announcing publicly that he was gay after the fight. He recovers from injuries and tells the world he’s gay, but that he’s sticking with Chrissy. Then he moves back to Georgia to care for his dying father.