‘Law & Order: SVU’: Kelli Giddish Thinks Cast Gets to ‘Redeem’ Themselves Each Day on Set

by Joe Rutland

Kelli Giddish looks at her work on Law & Order: SVU and she believes the show’s cast gets a chance to “redeem” themselves each day.

This redemption happens on the show’s set. Giddish, who plays Detective Amanda Rollins on the Dick Wolf police drama, talked about this in a 2015 interview with Blackfilm.

“It is great,” she said about working on TV. “Because I’ve flown a lot — some of the shows I’ve done were in Dallas and Atlanta, respectively, and while I loved doing that in my twenties, it’s nice to have one character — it’s not like a film where if you mess up, it’s their perpetuity. It’s like, ‘Oh God, I had a bad day and that take…'”

“We get to redeem ourselves or work on ourselves every single day coming to work,” the Law & Order: SVU actress said. “And not many people have that opportunity especially in a climate of TV now.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Actress Finds Working on TV Show Different For Shooting Scenes

“Like if it’s not a hit right off the bat, then you’re sunk and you’re done, and then it’s over next thing,” Giddish said. “This is something we can rely on being there, it’s a good thing. And now we have Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire or Chicago MD or whatever it’s called.”

That show is called Chicago Med and appears on the One Chicago franchise show list.

You can watch Giddish and the Law & Order: SVU crew on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m Central, on NBC.

By the way, Giddish is no stranger to Wolf’s world of shows. She appeared in a 2007 SVU episode as well as an old Law & Order: Criminal Intent show.

Giddish Offers Insights On How Her Kids View Success on TV Police Drama

When it comes to her kids watching Kelli Giddish, or Mom, on Law & Order: SVU, then they see her differently, obviously, than others.

Yet her 6-year-old and 3-year-old boys see success in this way.

Giddish says that “my sons know that people in the grocery store really like me,” according to Smashing Interviews Magazine in September to preview Law & Order: SVU Season 23.

“They’re like, ‘Okay. They want your picture,'” she said. “My oldest son has his favorite TV shows, so I’m like, ‘Well, just imagine meeting the Red Ranger in the grocery store and how excited you would be.’ He says, ‘Okay. Cool.’ So the older one knows I play a cop on TV, and that’s about as much as he knows. But then he’s been to work and seen mommy’s work family.”

Ludo and Charlie, her kids, see her cool in relevance to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.