‘Law & Order: SVU’: Another Major Character Returning for Episode 500

by Joe Rutland

With episode No. 500 of NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” coming up, one of the show’s major characters will be making an appearance.

An article from PopCulture states that Dann Florek, better known as Capt. Donald Cragen to longtime “Law & Order: SVU” fans, is coming back.

A special teaser aired after Thursday night’s episode. In it, Capt. Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, receives a Facetime call from Cragen.

“Captain, you don’t know how proud it makes me to say that,” Cragen says.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Will Have Other Special Guest Stars On Celebration Show

So, Florek left as a full-time cast member after Season 15 in 2014. He did return in a guest-starring role in one episode in 2015.

But Florek isn’t the only old-school “Law & Order: SVU” cast member coming back next Thursday.

Danny Pino is coming back as Detective Nick Amaro.

The show’s Instagram account announced it, saying “500 episodes of #SVU calls for a big celebration.” Wolf Entertainment confirms the news, posting: “Nick Amaro is returning to the squad room for the 500th episode of #SVU.”

Also, Tamara Tunie reprises her role as Medical Examiner Melinda Warner.

Aidan Quinn, Peter Herrmann Set To Appear On Special Episode

Is there anyone else making a surprise visit? Aidan Quinn appears as Burton Lowe. Lowe is taking part in a case that involves Benson. Also, Peter Herrman, who played defense attorney Trevor Langan, is set to make an appearance, too.

That’s going to be a special appearance for Hargitay, too. She and Herrmann met on the “SVU” set and got married.

If anyone else shows up, then we’ll just have to wait and see, Outsiders.

This special 500th episode of “SVU” airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, on NBC. “Law & Order: Organized Crime” starring Christopher Meloni airs right after it.

BD Wong Left His Role As Dr. George Huang For Another Starring Role

Another actor who longtime “SVU” fans know and remember is BD Wong, who played Dr. George Huang.

An article from Looper states he left for another role.

Huang was often asked to come and help Benson understand “why” people committed horrible crimes. Huang could use his work as a psychiatrist to help out.

The show he left for was called “Awake.” It followed Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs), a man trying to determine which of the two realities he lives within is “real.” Wong played Dr. John Lee, Michael’s therapist, once again proving his chops as a mental health professional.

“Awake” didn’t hit it off with viewers and the show was canceled after one season.

Wong made one guest appearance in Season 17 and left the show.