‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Gets in the Christmas Spirit With the Perfect Tree Decorations

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay is getting in the Christmas Spirit with some fantastic tree decorations. The actress has played Olivia Benson on the show for over two decades. She still finds the time for some holiday festivities. It helps that the show always goes on hiatus during the holiday weeks, giving her plenty of time to celebrate.

But this tree isn’t any ordinary tree. It’s a bit more…. crime-y. It’s a celebration of Law & Order: SVU’s upcoming Christmas episode, which fans are highly anticipating. The following Law & Order: Organized Crime episode is going to be a crossover event that’ll see Benson and Stabler team up again.

“A Christmas episode….  #ALittleChristmasCheer #SVUChristmas #ChristmasInTheSquadRoom #PoliceTapeTree #TisTheSeason” the actress wrote in the hashtag filled caption.

The adorable tree, which looks like it’s right in the station, is covered in crime scene tape quite fitting for the office.

The Upcoming ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Crossover Looks Very Interesting

The upcoming Christmas-themed crossover is way more high stakes than your typical Christmas episode. Here’s the description:

“When Eli goes missing, Stabler asks Benson and the task force to help him find his son. Wheatley considers his future,” the description reads.

So not only is the crossover going to deal with the very dangerous and now on the loose Wheatley. It’ll also focus on a very emotional Benson and Stabler team-up. It sounds Could this finally be the episode where the two get together?

Fans have been rooting for “Bensler” since the show came out in 1999. The two detectives absolutely had chemistry on the show, but when actor Chris Meloni left Law & Order: SVU due to a contract dispute, many fans felt like there was no way “Bensler” could ever be.

But, to the surprise of many, actor Chris Meloni decided to return to the Law & Order universe with his own show. Now, Law & Order: SVU airs before Law & Order: Organized Crime. The two shows frequently cross over. And after a decade of fans feeling like their dreams of Benson and Stabler getting together were over, there’s hope again.

Fans are also hoping to see plenty of Jet, a Law & Order: Organized Crime character that fans seriously can’t get enough of. Played by Ainsley Seiger, Jet is a young tech wiz working with the Organized Crime unit who recently started going into the field. This is an exciting new storyline for many.

If you want to catch the Christmas crossover event and the Holiday episode of Law & Order: SVU, both shows come back on December 9th. Following that, they’ll go on hiatus again until 2022. Hopefully, their mid-season finales will leave fans excited for more.