‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay and Jason Biggs Catch Up in New Set Photos

by Allison Hambrick

The upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU sees the return of a major character and the introduction of a new face, played by Jason Biggs. The American Pie alum will play Detective Andy Parlato-Goldstein.

While few details have been revealed about his character, new photos emerged from the set. Biggs shares scenes with series regulars Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, and Kelli Giddish. Also featured in the photos is Donal Logue, who returns to the show after appearing from 2014 to 2015. Initially, Logue received an offer to become a series regular, but he accepted a role on Gotham.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “The Special Victims Unit is called in to help investigate a wave of hate crimes on Christmas Eve. Rollins catches up with an old flame.” The old flame is Logue’s character, Declan Murphy, who is the father to the oldest child of Giddish’s Detective Rollins. In the years since he left SVU, the character became captain of his own unit.

More specifically, Murphy heads up the Hate Crimes Division. Parlato-Goldstein works alongside him to solve these hate crimes. How the SVU will factor in remains to be seen.

“The juxtaposition of the Christmas season with what is happening in New York raises the stakes,” said Logue in an interview. As for the personal stakes of the episode, Logue said that Murphy’s return cold spell trouble for Rollins’s new relationship with Dominick Carisi, played by Peter Scanavino.

“I won’t give anything away,” Logue continued. “But I don’t think there is a parent or child that doesn’t mourn loss or absence.”

Peter Scanavino Talks Law & Order: SVU Relationship

As for Scanavino, he said Carisi doesn’t have much to worry about. Rollins and Carisi shared a kiss in the season 22 finale, after a few seasons of mounting romantic tensions.

“I like the direction that they went in,” Scanavino said. “It didn’t feel forced to me. It felt very earned. So, yeah, I mean that was kind of my reaction. It was excitement, because it’s also character development, as well. It’s them throwing you a bone, and it’s something that you get to focus on, you know, in the relationship outside of the squad. It just makes things more interesting, more dangerous, in a way. Like, there’s all kinds of implications with this relationship. So, I was happy about it.”

So while fans may worry that Murphy will ruin things for Carisi and Rollins, Scanavino said their relationship is stronger than that.

“You know I think he’s probably pretty secure in the relationship, because I do think it’s not something that they’re taking very lightly,” said Scanavino. “They’ve been able to keep this going. Given their two jobs, they’ve got to be very forthright with it, express and talk to each other and communicate, and I don’t think he thinks this is a tenuous thing in terms of the feelings involved.”