‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay Was Left ‘Shocked’ by One Script

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order: SVU has put together all kinds of wild scripts over the last twenty years. The show has had ample opportunity to do so with how long it has soared on NBC. So, it should come as no surprise that one script left Mariska Hargitay shocked.

However, you might be surprised to find that it was not a later episode in the show that shocked Hargitay. No, it was actually the original script before she had even signed on for the NBC drama. The show touches on tough, sensitive material so you can imagine how jarring it must be for some folks to read it in the script for the first time.

That was the case for Hargitay. She said, “When I read the script, however, I felt it was such a truly pioneering show. I was shocked at first. I had to ground myself and be brave.” It was tough. She was ‘shocked’ by the details and the subject matter of it. Still, it excited her to take on that challenge and work on a show that was a big-time move.

The show has certainly evolved since that pilot episode, which is a good thing. She added, “What is beautiful is that the show has evolved from ‘Let’s shine a light on these issues’ to ‘Time’s up, let’s make changes and stop these issues’. I think the culture is catching up.” It’s less about addressing and more about action now.

Mariska Hargitay Juggling It All

Hargitay wears a lot of hats these days. Not only is she the captain on Law & Order: SVU now, but she is also a mother and wife along with being a big-time actor. It is a lot to handle.

Hargitay said, “Sometimes I feel like an octopus being pulled in so many directions.” She continued, “I have so many different joys. I’m acting, I’m producing, I’m directing episodes and I’m having meetings for my foundation. Then I’m a wife and a mom, and you have to keep watering that garden. Relationships don’t just stay great.” Even coming back from the summer vacation, “It’s like, oh, yeah, I do have a life! I have hobbies! I do have friends!”

She has a lot of different things to do. She understands you have to continually work at it all. You have to be hyperaware of it all. She has a lot on her plate, but she attacks it all with a great attitude. She concluded, “This is all good stuff and I’m fulfilled.” Hargitay concluded, “The show is all-consuming, but it’s still so good because we’re deeply invested. We are all here, more than ever, and I still appreciate it more than you know. Gratitude is my mantra.”

You can watch Law & Order: SVU on NBC.