‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Stuns in Red-Carpet Photos from ‘Woman of the Year’ Event

by Amy Myers

Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay and her character Olivia Benson aren’t so different when it comes to their personalities. Both are dedicated to making the world a safer, more understanding place for everyone. While Benson does this through law enforcement, Hargitay is focused on achieving this through advocacy and community.

Recently, Hargitay attended Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year. The event celebrates and awards “extraordinary and inspirational” women across a variety of fields and professions. This includes entertainment, business, sports, music, science, medicine, education and politics.

Afterward, the Law & Order: SVU star posted a few photos of the event. In some of the shots, Hargitay posed with a few honorary guests and the Editor in Chief of Glamour, Samantha Barry. The actress behind Olivia Benson wore a gorgeous fuchsia gown with her hair in a long braid.

“Thank you @sambarry and @glamourmag for such a beautiful and inspiring evening celebrating,” Hargitay captioned the photos.

This isn’t the only big event that Hargitay attended recently. Earlier, on Sunday, November 7, the actress attended the NYC Marathon. This event benefits several local charities “from those that provide clothing to young athletes in underserved communities to those that offer support to children and adults battling chronic illnesses.”

“NYC Marathon,” the Law & Order: SVU actress wrote. “Can’t stop thinking about yesterday…my heart is so full leading with our hearts and leading with love.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Reflects on Impact of Marathon on City

Besides serving as a way to raise money and awareness for multiple pertinent causes, Hargitay also pointed out that the marathon was an example of how the city can come together in support of one another. When the world can seem so disjointed and polarizing, events like these are what remind her that communities will always come together in times of need. Ever an eloquent speaker, Hargitay commended her city for the “spirit” and “love” she witnessed at the event.

“I am just flying high from the beauty that was the marathon yesterday,” the Law & Order: SVU actress shared in her update. “You know, I always say, like, ‘The idea that somebody else believes in you is everything,’ and I got to witness this firsthand because I had a bunch of people running in the marathon.”

Meanwhile, fans chimed in on the experience, too, echoing Hargitay’s thoughts on the positivity of the environment.

“I adore how you always take so much to appreciate moments like this and inspire others to do the same. The marathon is just one of the many amazing things about the feeling and spirit of community in NYC. It’s such an amazing thing to witness when people come together that way!” one Law & Order: SVU fan said.