‘Law & Order: SVU’: Murphy Reveals the Biggest Mistake He’s Made

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

It’s true. “Law & Order: SVU” continues to hold the title as the longest-running primetime live-action series in the history of US television. And this is for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons, though, has to do with the beloved cast. The Dick Wolf Productions-headed universe tries to make their characters as authentic and human as possible. So, like humans, the characters tend to make some mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are forgivable, while other times, they continue to haunt characters through the show’s many seasons.

On that note, does anybody remember Donal Logue? His Captain Declan Murphy character fathered one of Amanda Rollins’ children once upon a time (her oldest daughter, to be exact). And with the pair’s reunion, Murphy seemed to have one thing on his mind: regret.

A Tense ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Reunion That’s Been a Long Time Coming

This clip will show you exactly what we’re talking about here. It shows Donal Logue’s Murphy trying to reconcile with his old flame, Amanda Rollins. He reveals that his time spent undercover really changed him in a lot of ways. Then, after some time spent recovering in rehab, he got a new perspective.

“For me to leave like that, that was the biggest mistake of my life,” he says.

Check it out:

Unfortunately for Murphy, Rollins doesn’t look too excited about his revelation. It’s been six years, after all. She’s built a lifestyle that works for her and her family. “I’m happy,” she says. The clip then ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and shows Murphy asking Rollins, “Are you seeing someone?”

Of course, “Law & Order: SVU” fans know the answer to that one. Carisi and Rollins kept teasing the fans before finally sharing a sweet smooch during the Season 22 finale. Afterward, they decided to dive into a relationship with one another and the sparks kept flying.

What Has Donal Logue Been Up to These Days?

Rumor has it that the “Law & Order: SVU” producers actually wanted to bring Donal Logue onto the show full-time following his stint on the show from 2014-2015. Unfortunately, the actor accepted another role with “Gotham” before that offer could be communicated.

A recent Instagram post from the star shows how he spends some of his free time and it mirrors what life looks like for a lot of our Outsiders. Some moss, some woods, and a brand new tool. There’s definitely room for a logging pun in here with Donal’s last name, but we wouldn’t do that to you guys.

The geotag reveals his location to be somewhere in Oregon and you can catch that snap here: