‘Law & Order: SVU’ Once Featured Snoop Dogg, Here’s How That Cameo Happened

by Michael Freeman

The Law & Order franchise is no stranger to celebrity appearances and cameos. Some certainly stand out more than others though, such as Snoop Dogg’s.

Snoop Dogg has a diverse resume of appearances, there’s no denying that. Joining pop culture trends wherever they pop up and even having his own stage in the Tekken video game franchise, the man gets around. So, how did he end up in an episode of Law & Order: SVU? According to The Things, it isn’t entirely clear.

Some speculate the acclaimed artist did it for clout, but with his extensive list of appearances and fame, it doesn’t seem likely. It should be noted SVU is also known for having musicians on the show, likely meaning producers reached out to him. For example, Ice-T is a staple member of the team and has been for a long time. Additionally, previous episodes featured musicians like Ludacris, Hilary Duff, and Harry Connick Jr. to name a few.

In the episode titled “Diss,” Snoop Dogg played rapper P.T. Banks. Banks gets in a street fight with a comedian and is subsequently arrested. Despite the hype generated for him appearing in the episode, he got a surprisingly low amount of screentime. Nevertheless, it appears everyone had fun shooting the episode, especially Mariska Hargitay.

“He’s doing amazing things in the world and he’s just Snoop, which is the coolest thing ever,” Hargitay said about him being on the episode. “So, I’m doing this thing. I’m arresting him, I’m giving him the old one-two, as I like to say. And I think we’re besties.”

You thought Benson and Stabler were the iconic duo, but what about Snoop Dogg and Bensen?

Ice-T Voices a Character on a Cartoon Show Now

Speaking of odd cameos and appearances, Snoop Dogg isn’t the only musician sporting roles you wouldn’t normally expect. Ice-T recently did the same, appearing to voice act on a children’s cartoon show.

Appearing on the Nick Jr. show Bubble Guppies, Ice-T voiced the character, Garbage Khan. The episode is called “A Load of Litterbugs” and the joke throughout the episode is no one can pronounce his name correctly. With everyone pronouncing it “can” instead of “khan,” no wonder he’s a villain. Talking to Hip Hop DX, he expressed excitement about the opportunity. “I can’t wait to see my character on Bubble Guppies, he said. “I’m sure it’s gonna bug out Chanel!” For reference, Chanel is his 5-year-old daughter.

That’s not to say this is the first time he’s ever done voice work. However, his past appearances were more in line with what you’d likely expect from him. For instance, he appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Def Jam: Fight for NY.