‘Law & Order: SVU’: One Major Actress Appeared on the Show Years Apart

by Jonathan Howard

One of the great things about Law & Order: SVU is when actors and actresses return to the show. It just adds depth to the show.

Sometimes, when someone returns to the show they play the same character. Other times, they switch and play someone else. One of those talented actresses that returned as a new character is Hayden Panettiere. When she first appeared on the show she played Ashley Austin Black in the Season 2 episode titled Abuse. Then, returned as Angela Agnelli in Season 6 for Hooked.

Of course, fans on Reddit can call out these little phenomenons and moments from the top of their head. One Redditor on the Law & Order: SVU subreddit asked how others felt about her appearances on the show. Which was the better performance?

“I really liked Hayden Panettiere on SVU back in the day,” the post reads. “Which episode did you prefer her in? Which episode do you think she gave the better performance in Abuse or Hooked? And what did you think of those episodes and her performances in them?”

There was soon more than one fan replying to the questions posed. One of the big differences in the two episodes had to be the dramatic physical change she took. She was just around 13 years old and looked 9 years old when the first episode aired. Four years later, she was back on the show and looked like a high school sophomore.

“I think it’s wild that these episodes are only 4 years apart!” u/nhslay replied. “She goes from playing like a 6 year old to a 15 year old in the blink of an eye.”

Then, other fans had opinions of some other Law & Order: SVU characters from the past.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Want to See Others Return

When it comes to young characters from the past, there are times when Law & Order: SVU brings back young characters to reprise roles. While Panettiere played two different people on the show, others came back to settle things.

“When they brought back that murdery kid recently I said they should bring back Hayden to reprise her role from Abuse as well,” u/Kfeam said. “That character as an adult would be so interesting to see.”

The OP of the post, u/ThatKoffeeBurns responded, “Yeah, it would be. I would love to see how she feels about Olivia & her mom now or to at least see what’s going on with that family now. There’s many different ways they can go with that story & I could see Hayden & MH really killing it performance-wise.”

Law & Order: SVU fans keep up with almost every person that appears on the show. Sometimes it is amazing how quickly they can recall the information.