‘Law & Order: SVU’: Peter Scanavino Wants to Explore Carisi’s Relationship with Elliot Stabler

by Kati Michelle

Christopher Meloni’s “Law & Order” spin-off, “Organized Crime,” really did a lot for the Dick Wolf universe. Not only did it bring back one of the most beloved characters from “Law & Order: SVU,” but it also showcased him in a new light. The newer series lets fans experience character arcs that are longer and deeper than ever before. It looks like this might even be starting to rub off on the mother series, too. And, of course, there’s always room for crossovers between them.

With that being said, fans anticipate Meloni’s Stabler character interacting a lot more with some of the other cast in new ways, too. One such cast member involves Peter Scanavino’s Carisi. The good news? Peter Scanavino wants “Law & Order: SVU” to explore his Carisi character’s relationship with Elliot Stabler just as much as fans. Here’s what he has to say.

How Likely Is a ‘Law & Order’ Bromance Between Carisi and Stabler?

Ultimately, Carisi’s entrance to Stabler’s spin-off involved the “long game” of trying to pin down Dylan McDermott’s Richard Wheatley. While Carisi and Stabler never really bonded in the past, this storyline gave a potential future bromance a chance. Essentially, it remains open-ended, but Peter Scanavino is totally on board. In a previous interview he revealed his thoughts.

“I think that would be really interesting to acknowledge that now that Carisi and…Stabler have their own kind of personal relationship that’s outside of SVU,” Scanavino says. “[Now it’s,] ‘Oh, this is not something where it’s you, me, and Olivia are doing this, but it’s you and me.’ Carisi and Stabler have this other thing [on their own]. And that’s something that’s fraught with possibilities, because when you take two new characters and you put them together, their dynamics are going to feed off each other and they’re going to have conflict and you’re going to have to resolve that conflict, because we’re all on the same team, but we have different styles. And I think it opens up a lot of possibilities.”

So, When Will Carisi Be Back?

So, when will Carisi be back? That’s something a lot of fans want to know. Well, that’s something pretty up-in-the-air as well. However, we’ve seen the “Organized Crime” and “SVU” universes collide on multiple occasions now. It seems to be getting easier and more fluid as Stabler’s “Law & Order” spin-off continues, so don’t count Carisi out quite yet.

“[A return is] definitely something that I’m open to,” Scanavino says. “It’s fun to try things, and have the safety of it all being under the umbrella of ‘Law & Order’ but put your character in different situations with different people and get out of your comfort zone. That’s always fun to me, as an actor, and for the character, I’d imagine.”