‘Law & Order: SVU’: Rollins Actor Kelli Giddish Gives the Scoop on Her Dog Who Appears on Show

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: SVU star Kelli Giddish recently gave the scoop on her adorable dog, who actually appears on the show. Giddish joined the show as Detective Rollins, and has since made quite the impression. But it’s not just her that’s won over fans. It’s also her dog, Frannie Mae, who has won people over.

In an interview last month, Giddish discussed what Frannie’s been up to since she hasn’t been on the Law & Order: SVU set.

“She’s great. Thank you. She’s asleep on the couch right now. It’s been hard with COVID. She used to come with me every day to work. So she was kind of a set dog in the catering department,” she joked. She also joked that she’s more well-behaved than the actual human actors.

“They say she’s the most well-behaved actor that they’ve ever worked with. She’s so good. She’s much better than we are (laughs). She’ll speak when you tell her to speak. She’s amazing and much more well-trained and manageable than we are. But she’s great,” she continued.

Giddish’s Character Just Entered a New Relationship

Law & Order: SVU fans rejoiced in the season 22 finale when Rollins and Carisi finally got together. Now, in Season 23, the two are enjoying their relationship, which they are keeping a secret. Giddish has said it’s strange to have to kiss her friend, but she loves that Rollins and Carisi are together.

It’s just so strange for us to be romantic on the show,” Giddish told Smashing Interviews magazine. “But I think we both realize how much it means to the fans and how much it means to our characters. It seems so organic and so right that we’re willing to go for it even though we’re very good friends in real life.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Just Celebrated a Major Milestone

Law & Order: SVU just underwent a major milestone, celebrating its 500th episode. Giddish, of course, took part. The main focus, however, was on Rollins and Carisi’s co-worker, Olivia Benson. Benson has been the leader of the series since it debuted in 1999, so the 500th episode celebrated her, her past, and the sacrifices she’s made along the way.

Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, finds herself face to face with someone who she realizes took advantage of her when she was younger. The powerful episode also saw a ton of familiar faces make a comeback and featured a bunch of flashbacks from previous episodes.

The new season is still underway. Season 23 has already covered some seriously intense cases, and it looks like, even 23 years in, Olivia Benson is just getting started. If you want to tune in to the new episodes of Law & Order: SVU, the show airs at 9/8 central on