‘Law & Order: SVU’: Rollins’ Former Romantic Interest Returning in Upcoming Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

Oh my, Amanda Rollins. Law & Order: SVU is bringing back two of your former love interests. Talk about some unneeded anxiety.

TV Line broke the news, Monday, that the show will feature two recurring characters — Donal Logue as Lt. Declan Murphy and Ari’el Stachel, who will reprise his role as Sgt Hasim Khaldun. Both had romantic ties to Kelli Giddish’s Rollins. Murphy even is the father of Rollins’ oldest child.

So when is all this happening? TV Line said the Law & Order: SVU episode with both guest stars will be sometime in January.

Law & Order: SVU and other shows in the franchise like to use New York-based actors who are as comfortable on stage as they are in front of the camera. That can certainly describe Stachel, who won a Tony Award in 2018 for Best Featured Actor in a musical for the play The Band’s Visit. The 30-year-old recently left the off-Broadway musical, The Visitor.

The January episode will be his fourth for Law & Order: SVU. He joined the cast as a recurring character for season 21. Stachel’s first appearance was in I Deserve Some Loving Too. That was back in February, 2020.

When SVU first introduced Sgt Khaldun, Stachel tweeted:

“Thankful to (show runner) Warren Leight for bringing me onboard and writing such a dynamic and complex character – one that draws on my cultural heritage but also allows me be American – a true gift for a Middle Eastern actor.”

Stachel was born in California. His father, a Yemini Jew, grew up in Israel. His mother was born in New York — she’s an Ashkenazi Jew.

Stachel Last Appeared on Law & Order: SVU in April

Stachel’s last appearance was in the episode Welcome to the Pedo Hotel, which ran April 8 as part of season 22. His character is a transit cop. And he collaborated with the SVU team. On an undercover assignment, Khaldun pretended to be Rollins love interest. But he also wanted that role in real life.

This all sets up a nice Law & Order: SVU love triangle around Rollins. She’s already involved with ADA Dominick Carisi (Peter Scanavino). Now comes Murphy and Khaldum.

Law & Order: SVU show runner Warren Leight retweeted the TV Line story about the two actors coming back to the show. And it started quite the conversation among SVU fans who are cheering on the couple they call “Rollisi.”

One fan wrote: “I thought Amanda and Khaldun were the cutest couple, but she better not hurt Carisi!”

Another Law & Order: SVU fan replied: “Great troubles for Amanda, poor Rollisi.”

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