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‘Law & Order: SVU’: The Squad Room Has Come a Long Way Since the Old Days

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by J. Countess/WireImage for Universal Television Productions)

Over the years there has been a lot of change on Law & Order: SVU. That includes the office and the squad room they work from.

Of course, Mariska Hargitay is the one constant that the series has had. But over the years, the things around her have changed. The furniture, the fashion, and more. There are a lot of folks that have watched the show from the beginning. After more than 20 years, there are a lot of fun comparisons to make.

Over on Reddit, fans talked about the differences. One user, ZDR1994, made the post titled, “The Evolution of the Squad Room.” There was an old picture of Stabler and Benson along with Captain Cragen. The hairstyles, the ties, and the furniture all scream the late 90s and it’s so great. Not a computer in sight.

Then, the new squad room. A shot that shows the Law & Order: SVU squad room in the present-day and everything is different. The layout is different. Desks are out in the open. And every desk has a computer or a laptop sitting right on top. Hardly a file in sight. The old room left some fans feeling a little nostalgic.

“The old squad room had personality,” u/SunStarsSnow replied. “It was like a character on its own. I love the [interrogation] room had filing cabinets like if I was a perp as soon as the detectives walked out of the room I’d be right in there.”

“I agree,” u/idontcare6666 said. “The old squad room just felt more real. It was gritty and had character. The new one is too stylized and antiseptic. It also feels unrealistic because do police departments really have that kind of budget?”

Seems that Law & Order: SVU fans have a little desire to go back to the old office.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Best Assistant DAs?

Over the years there have been a lot of attorneys coming in and out of Law & Order: SVU. Fans have liked some and not like others. However, they do have strong feelings about who their favorites are. It can seem like a tough category to pick a favorite, but these Reddit fans have some opinions.

“Personally,” the post started out. “I prefer Alex Cabot.” Then another fan replied, “Alex x 1000. She was awesome! I never cared much for Casey. She seemed kind [of] [whiny] and always lost lol.” There was another group of fans that prefers Casey Novak, though.

While there will never be a consensus about the best ADA or detective, it seems fans have their minds made up about one thing… the old Law & Order: SVU office is much better than the new one. The new clean looks and computers do not interest people as much as the old file cabinets and cluttered mess.