‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Calls Out His Haters

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Actor and rapper, Ice-T, has a message for everyone who has an issue with him in any way. Sometimes we find ways to silence the haters.

In a recent post to his Instagram, the Law & Order: SVU star shared an image of a quote. The quote reads: “If you don’t like me. . . .for whatever reason. . .I’m perfectly cool with that.” This is not too surprising considering the actor’s Instagram bio: “Talk Sh– Get BLOCKED.”

His recent post sounds like the motivation many of us need to remind ourselves when dealing with certain individuals. Fans of the actor flooded the comments with support and agreement. One fan wrote, “Everybody loves you, sweetheart.” Another hash-tagged the post, “#NewRules2022.” Sounds like many fans now have a new resolution for 2022!

As many know, the 63-year-old is the father to his oldest daughter, LeTesha, son Tracy, and his 6-year-old lookalike daughter, Chanel. We assume the actor is happy to remind his daughter not to care if anyone doesn’t like her for who she is.

Earlier this month, Ice-T shared his secret to fatherhood success. The Law & Order: SVU star shared a photo of a gorilla with text reading: “being a dad is mostly about being grumpy and knowing things.”

The actor also shared advice on how to stay out of trouble. “Smart people learn from others’ experiences. So when someone’s giving you some game like you’re giving him, you gotta take it. If you tell me ‘Ice don’t go on that side of town, they’re shooting,’ I’m going to be like ‘I ain’t going to go over there. My man told me they’re shooting.’ I ain’t going to be like ‘Ellis don’t know.’ You gotta listen to warnings.”

Ice-T Shares His Secret to a Long Marriage

Actor and rapper, Ice-T, and his wife, Coco Austin married nearly seventeen years ago. The happy couple only shares their daughter, Chanel, together.

After quickly shutting down rumors that the couple had split, Ice-T proudly praised the love he has for his wife. “I couldn’t have picked a better partner. She pulls her weight and kills it in every department. We address problems quickly. She doesn’t say, ‘I’m mad at you from last month.’ How am I supposed to fix something if I didn’t know it was broken? And we compromise. If you want to win every argument and do whatever you want to do, there’s a name for that — it’s called being single!”

Well, Outsiders, it doesn’t sound like these two are leaving each other any time soon. Though not perfect, the coupe’s marriage seems to be stronger than ever. We couldn’t be happier for the pair to have found each other and continue to love each other unconditionally.